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November 23, 2014 - skye568

The Great Cinnamon Pretzel Debacle of 2014 at Food Avenue

I just quit Target after I’d been there for only one month and I just quit. i worked at food avenue at the target cafe and it was horrible. i went from 23.5 hours a week to 14.5 one week. i’d been hired to work there on october seventeenth. i had a seasonal job that just ended and i was just looking for a filler because i’m going to starting a brand new REAL job on december first. it has benefits and everything. wow i can’t wait. target really blows. you’d thought you were working for the Pope. this job will cut you off in a heartbeat no matter how loyal you are. i’ll admit i called like out three times and yes that was wrong. that’s probably way the human resources chick messed my schedule up like that. my schedule for this past week was sunday five to nine thirty and then i come back work and friday from five to nine thirty and then saturday from twelve to five. i hate working only a four to five shift. i never work long enough to take a lunch break and the hours are a joke. i haven’t worked in retail for ove ten years. i was downgrading when i took this job. i also took a huge three dollar paycut. $8.25 what a joke. I had this one guy go totally ballistic on me because he thought that i didn’t put any cinnamon on his pretzel. i mean the whole was coming to an end because the man didn’t get enough cinnamon on his pretzel. And then my favorite he was like, “If you didn’t have cinnamon then I should have told him that.” And then I said sir, there was cinnamon on there. He looked absolutely surprised that I even said anything as if I didn’t have the right to say anything. After this fool just threw a darn temper tantrum over a pretzel that costs him only $2.64. I was trying to get him some cinnamon for his damn pretzel and was unsuccessful. I was new and i didn’t know where the extra was kept at. The team leader gave him his money back because God forbid i try to screw this man over $2,64. my God people. Wow, anyway you’d thought that i’d hopped over the counter and gave this man the thrashing of a life time. I was two seconds away from cursing his butt out but I didn’t. thank Goodness. but what makes it worse was that the team leader of guest services told the lead of food avenue where i worked and she was like don’t fight with the guests. she told people that i was trying to start a fight with the damn guest. i was like, “no i wasn’t.” it was a reflex and i was just defending myself. it’s just reflex action and it wasn’t that big of a deal. but she thought it was and then the food avenue team lead thought it was and then i had another team lead tell me that it was. wow. it was stupid as crap. the problem wasn’t as big as the temper tantrum that the man threw. i was calm through the entire situation. i even tried to get the man a brand new cinnamon pretzel. food avenue shares the kitchen and the stock room with starbucks. and i saw that there was some cinnamon i started to use it but the starbucks team leader snatched right out of my hand when she saw me using it. wouldn’t let me use it this one time. i was like ready to rip her a new one i mean she’s already such a cunt to work with anyway. i was nice and polite and everything and the man was a complete jerk but i get reprimanded because i quickly defended myself. whatever he’s a total douche.

i can defend myself. forget that job. don’t feel bad. it’s a sucky job. my instincts were right. target is a great place to shop at but not a great place to work at.




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