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July 24, 2014 - ProhibitionRose

Target AKA Scumlords

This evening I went to Target quite begrudgingly because it was the only “store” on my way home from visiting a family member. First of all, it was 7pm on a fucking Wednesday and the store looks like it’s closed. The inside of the store is dark as hell and quite creepy looking. Knowing the stores hours, I go to the doors anyway expecting at least a sign saying “Yes, We’re Open!” or “We Couldn’t Pay The Electric Bill Huehuehue”. Instead, nothing. A lady in front of me pushed the automatic doors open and we go inside only to have to track down an employee to find out what the hell is going on.
“We’re operating on about 10% power!” she says. Well what the fuck, Target. Are you so fucking money hungry that you can’t be like “Hey! Power isn’t working, let’s all pack our shit up and go home?” IN THE MIDDLE OF FLORIDA FOR FUCKS SAKE, they are making employees work in an un-fucking-air conditioned building?! If I were one of those unlucky bastards I would have been like “Ah, hell nah!” And just left.
At least someone was smart enough to Jerry-rig the fucking freezer/refrigerator doors shut so none of the food spoiled. But lets face it, Target probably won’t check any of it before selling it.

Seriously, this is pretty damn low. For all the employees at the Melbourne, FL #689 Target… I feel really bad for you.




  • TargetSucks says:

    I'm surprised you actually went in to a tarshit. 🙂

  • TargetGrunt says:

    The power at my store has gone out twice since i started working there and both times we were given headlamps to use in the backroom. Even with the PDAs barely responding we were told to pull autofills and that we couldn't leave until our scheduled time, even if the power never came back on. Flow wasn't so lucky and had to push what little we could pull on the barely-lit sales floor (safety hazard much?).

    And because of the outage none of the coolers on the sales floor had power for say, 4+ hours (it went off at 4 or 5 am), all of the C&S product had to be QMOSd. The best part is that it took "leadership" over two hours to decide to throw the clearly out-of-temp product away. One of the ETLs kept insisting the product was fine until a flow TM went to HR and told her what he had been saying. He got a talking to but was never written up.

  • TargetMinion says:

    I work at a Target in Florida as well at a SuperTarget. We had the power go out, during summer. All the guests had to come to the front of the store and wait for the power to hopefully come back on. When it didn't the LODs had everyone out on the floor zoning, and pushing abandons back to the floor. An hour later still no power.... To sum up at over two hours with no power, everybody sweating because it's FLORIDA and no AC is running, they still don't shut down the store. I was so close to walking out due to the sweltering heat. Of course at hour three when they are finally thinking of shutting down for the day and letting us all go home the power comes back on.


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