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  • July 27, 2013 - OreoCookie

    Target, need i say more?

    So i got hired back in October-late November cant remember when but it was right around before Christmas time and i was super excited i just got a job after my summer one so i i didn’t have to worry about money for a little while, so i fill out an application online and in store, they chose the in-store one. I go in dressed to impress and shit thinking this is the best thing ever, i interviewed with the LOD and he really liked what i had to say and he liked how much i knew about technology hell, i am pretty much a tech buff i follow pretty much everything, and i am big gamer as well, so immediately i start working in electronics after 3 days on the floor, and i saw the raise in my payment by .50 cents that i liked. So Christmas time rolls around things going good getting used to where everything was and knowing people and ish. Um need i say more for the people who worked at target during seasonal time, its a bitch, 2000 million fucking carts of re-shop that they expect you to finish while they hover over you every 20 minutes to see if anything has changed while you have guest and aisle to zone. So you have to be mr./mrs. impossible. Around that time i wasn’t too annoyed you know i needed the money and ish for gas and going out and new computer parts. I got what i prayed for several days after Christmas/seasonal time was over it slowed down and it went back to normal and nice pace.