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July 27, 2013 - OreoCookie

Target, need i say more?

So i got hired back in October-late November cant remember when but it was right around before Christmas time and i was super excited i just got a job after my summer one so i i didn’t have to worry about money for a little while, so i fill out an application online and in store, they chose the in-store one. I go in dressed to impress and shit thinking this is the best thing ever, i interviewed with the LOD and he really liked what i had to say and he liked how much i knew about technology hell, i am pretty much a tech buff i follow pretty much everything, and i am big gamer as well, so immediately i start working in electronics after 3 days on the floor, and i saw the raise in my payment by .50 cents that i liked. So Christmas time rolls around things going good getting used to where everything was and knowing people and ish. Um need i say more for the people who worked at target during seasonal time, its a bitch, 2000 million fucking carts of re-shop that they expect you to finish while they hover over you every 20 minutes to see if anything has changed while you have guest and aisle to zone. So you have to be mr./mrs. impossible. Around that time i wasn’t too annoyed you know i needed the money and ish for gas and going out and new computer parts. I got what i prayed for several days after Christmas/seasonal time was over it slowed down and it went back to normal and nice pace.

Now here is where shit starts to get turned into a bitch and the target we all know and hate comes about, so here i am trying to do my best to get everyone to like me and so on and so fourth busting my ass to know all the tricks with the pda. I have these two douche bag guys who live with each other who i thought were my friends who always asked me to do shit they were supposed to fucking do and i thought it was cool you know because they were teaching me shit, so here i am barely 3 months into the job and i am tieing labels, setting POGS, dropping batches, and pulling them. I am like dam i got this shit down pat, so i was working over night with them when this all happened which i didnt mind. The shit that made me laugh was when i went back to day shifts i am like man i been tieing labels, and dropping batches and shit man, its so interesting. The motherfucker looks at me and says whats that? I say your kidding right, hes like no man, i have never had to do that i am have been here for over 4 years. Here i am just sitting thinking to myself is this a joke, he has been here for this long and doesnt know how to do any of this shit, thats funny, i think nothing too much of it and move on. Come and find out, out of the 7 of us back there only the 3 of us me and the two douches knew how to do any of that. Now that definetly got me thinking ok this is fucking weird. Whatever i move on, so fastforward like 1 month now i have definetly settled in my review was great got the highest score you could get back on it shit was good. Second review rolls around and these motherfuckers start flipping the shit on me, on there they put how i am not doing enough work, my zones not looking good, i have so much knowledge about electronics why don’t i share it with my other team members and it just goes on and on and i got the worst score back on that 1 i believe it was an IE. Whatever thought nothing of that shit at all, so then i didnt know the reviews held how much of a raise we got plus how our AAR was (Accessory Attachment Rate) and at the time we were number one in the district, need i mind you i did majority of all that when i got there they were at 43% and they were giving me 35-40 hrs a week life was great getting fucking 4 hardwares with like 20 accessories. they thought I was the shit.

Until shit started to hit the fan idk who or what came up with this new schedule but i went from 35-40 hours a week to about 10-20, and i confronted them about it and they said the store wasn’t making payroll. So i said ok you know it will get better, but it really didn’t i never got more than 20 hours over the next 3 weeks, and right after that happened they dropped right down in AAR back to 45%-49% and everytime i would work they would only talk to me about this shit, hey man we need you to sell some accesories AAR isnt looking too good. Well bitch maybe if i didnt have fucking shitty hours maybe i could help with that. So back to this review like i said i didnt know it handled our raises and such so i went in and spoke with my ETL (fat ass lady who is hated by the whole store) and she is like yeah so you got a raise and i am like omfg yeah buddy money this bitch said of .10 cents! .10 motherfucking brown ass cents. I was super mad and didnt know what to say but keeping that shitty smile on my face faking it the whole time. On that day it was me and this other girl back in electronics who couldn’t tell you the difference between a dam dslr camera and a regular one. but yet she was back there doing nothing the whole time but showing off her tits all the time. so she went in and came back after like 20 mins and i am like how much of a raise did u get, and she said you wouldnt believe it! i got a whole 2 dollars. I looked her dead in the eye and said omfg really how long have u been working here she says almost 5 years, and i go ok how much are you making she said with the 2 dollars 11.75 now. I fucking flipped a table in my head, i started going off, and she said whats wrong i am like i only got .10 cents raise! she goes no fucking way, shes like they do know you single-handedly brought up the AAR so high that we can get this raise right and be number 1 in the district. I look at her and say you are telling me, so i walked right up to that TFC and said to my ETL you have 2 minutes to explain to me why i only got .10 cents of a raise why someone else who barely does any work and knows nothing of electronics got a whole two dollars. She said this is reply to me your review said it all, you have all this knwoledge and you don’t share it, you spend majority of your time around the boat talking with target mobile, your zone always looks horrible, and you have called off 3 times in the last 3 months.

(This next paragraph is 100% word for word what i said even the walkie part)

I said and i quote “Listen here you dumb fat fucking mean ass lop sided ass having motherfucker your going to stand here in all of your being and tell me! Me the person who carries this fucking team and have gotten us where we are now, the person who whenever you lazy ass ETL and LODS feeling like you dont wanna do price audits and corrections, tie labels, break down end-caps, zone and do re-shop for 2 sections of this fucking store, the one person back there that never second guessed anything you said or said anything mean about you and spends majority of my time away from the boat with guest making sure they have the best experience in this store and keeping us number one. That i am not doing my job, well all i have to say to that is you can take this job and that raise of .10 cents and shove it up that lop-sided ass of yours as far it can go cause i dont fucking want this peice of shit job anymore where i am working like a slave for the bottom dollar. I then reached for my walkie said goodbye to the whole sales floor and left that building and never shopped there again or told anyone to shop there again.

I then have since moved on still in school, working after 1 short week of no work at this new job that paid me 10$/hr plus monthly commission. Life hasn’t been any better getting 35-40 hrs a week and loving it and having money to blow on my new wife and our new life. GG(good game) target i hit you right in the Kisser.


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  • ZeroMovement says:

    Like a Boss, sir. Like a boss.
    The shit they pull is insane.
    Just because that dumbass girl knows how to lean over a counter and let people peep down her shirt she got the better raise.


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