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  • September 12, 2013 - Xerothermical

    1 year in and starting to dislike it

    Hello peeps, i came across this site as i was googling how people felt about working in target. I decided to post here cause im 1 year into this and im starting to dislike it. it starts like this. i was hired as a seasonal member during october of 2012 and i knew i could be terminated by january after the holidays. since i needed a job badly i started talking to a few ppl  and was told to cross train to different areas to give the impression i was interested in staying.. so i did. I cross trained to planogram softlines, PTM, and some backroom, i knew hardlines, and cashiering and thoughout my seasonal time there i worked all those areas. surely in january i was offered a regular position and i was happy lol. in april they started reviews but i wasnt expecting much since i was still relatively new. one of the hardline TLs made my review (who i didnt really work with) and she started off by saying my review was tricky because i was still relatively new then she continued on to say i was a reliable member always coming in to work, picking up hrs, coming in when they needed me etc. then she burst my bubble by saying i got an IE rating (inefficiently something…)

  • March 30, 2013 - FastFun&F**ktastic

    Target Pharmacy Sucks Too!

    I quit my job as a pharmacist with Target back in January, and have had ZERO regrets about it.  It was glaringly obvious that corporate didn’t give a shit about pharmacy as a profession, and only saw us as a money-making opportunity for them.

    The first thing that happened that made me question Target’s intentions was that over half of the pharmacists in my city had to re-interview for their jobs.  Even though I managed to keep my job, it soon became crystal clear what Target’s endgame was:  the pharmacists who WERE let go were all older, and had been with the company the longest.  Target was screwing these employees out of their pensions.  Truly sickening.

  • December 29, 2012 - noexpresslanes

    An experience from a soon to be former employee

    I started at Target in Feb of 2011. I applied for the job because my girlfriend and I decided to move in together. When I first started everything was seriously perfect. I was just a simple cashier, working a relaxed schedule because of my schooling, and I adored the 2 GSTL’s.  So as the months flew by, both of the above mentioned TL’s left and one of the GSA’s…I was a little torn up but I knew that they were only doing what was in their best interest. They quickly filled the spots for the GSTL’s, but then the former GSA said she REALLLY wanted me to take her spot. In the time I had started they trained me at the service desk and I would often cover their breaks and lunches (more on this later), so the idea of it seemed cool to me and I liked the thought of being “somewhat” in charge. Basically, they really made the job seem wonderful. I was about to realize what a mistake it was accepting GSA..   First of all, I want any cashiers thinking about wanting to be a GSA to understand something. You essentially do everything that a GSTL (a team leader) does except coach cashiers and do a shitload of paperwork. However, you are not paid ANYWHERE close to what they are paid. One of the GSTL’s at my store makes over $15/hr…I make $8.25. That’s literally almost half of what someone else makes to do almost the exact same job! To be fair, that GSTL DOES have a degree and is very intelligent…but try to decide in your head if you really think the expectations and duties of a GSA are worth such a low wage. Remember, you do pretty much everything a GSTL would do.

    But that’s not all!

  • I started working at Super Target in Lee’s Summit, MO 2 weeks ago.  I was informed today at the start of the morning that I was getting moved from seasonal to full-time, days.  I said okay.  I haven’t missed a day nor have I ever been late.  I’ve never refused to stay late to help them close either.   I was always on task, 100% of the time.   I came in at 5 in the morning.  On different days I stayed until 1:30 in the morning.  It didn’t surprise me I was getting moved to full-time, how many people are willing to get paid $9.00 an hour and work any varied monkey shift you throw at them?

    Then, about 2 pm, another manager told me the 29th would be my last day.  I said, oh really, what is going on?  He said, well, you know, when you were hired you were hired as seasonal and that is ending.  I said, okay, but today another manager told me I was going full-time, days.  He said, well, um here, Derek in HR gave me this letter to give you.  I said, ok, and opened it up.  It just said the 29th was my last day and thanks for all your hard work, it was a form letter.  It didn’t give a reason for termination.  I said to the guy, come on, be straight with me, never missed a day, never late, what gives?  The guy just started making awkward sounds with his voice, which I instantly read to be “I know but I can’t tell you”.  I didn’t throw a fit and went back to work for the remainder of my shift.