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September 12, 2013 - Xerothermical

1 year in and starting to dislike it

Hello peeps, i came across this site as i was googling how people felt about working in target. I decided to post here cause im 1 year into this and im starting to dislike it. it starts like this. i was hired as a seasonal member during october of 2012 and i knew i could be terminated by january after the holidays. since i needed a job badly i started talking to a few ppl ¬†and was told to cross train to different areas to give the impression i was interested in staying.. so i did. I cross trained to planogram softlines, PTM, and some backroom, i knew hardlines, and cashiering and thoughout my seasonal time there i worked all those areas. surely in january i was offered a regular position and i was happy lol. in april they started reviews but i wasnt expecting much since i was still relatively new. one of the hardline TLs made my review (who i didnt really work with) and she started off by saying my review was tricky because i was still relatively new then she continued on to say i was a reliable member always coming in to work, picking up hrs, coming in when they needed me etc. then she burst my bubble by saying i got an IE rating (inefficiently something…) because i wasn’t expanding to other areas of the store, that i needed to do more than just hardlines. so i say to myself “wtf! what about me knowing plano, softlines, backroom, PTM, label printing, cashiering? you hardly work with me..what do you know?!” but i just replied with an “ok” and i got a whooping .07 raise (yes, envy me). around this time an ETL left our store to become STL at another (he was super cool, was a big loss), so a new ETL came in, later we would find out he sucks!

This new ETL doesnt do ANYTHING! all he does is walk around.. literally. He also takes out his phone and is texting during huddles or when hes walking around the store, what happened to texting on the job? One time i was zoning market and he was passing by when an older lady asked him if he could help her find some pills, what does he do? he turns around and tells me to help her and he proceeds to walk away. the pills were 2 sections down since pharmacy is across from market in our store (super target) i find the pills give them to the guest i turn around and see him just chit chatting with a team member (hes always chit chatting with this girl) and you could clearly tell it wasnt work related. another unpleasant shift with him was on a tuesday, this closing shift only had me and another coworker for the entire floor (hardlines) so we had to do A,B,D,E,F and G blocks -_- with their respective reshops of course. we finished toys relatively fast and proceeded to A&B. then this ETL comes with 2 tubs from the line and tells me and my coworker to work on them before the end of the night. and walks away with his phone on hand wtf dude! we have like the whole store to zone! me and my coworker were so annoyed at this point we said screw it and just left them there. throughout the shift he was on our asses through the walkie telling us we had to get to the other areas and what was he doing? walking around, and in his office.

On another closing shift it was the same scenario again, he was closing LOD and it was my same coworker from last time and me for all of hardlines. this time as we were zoning he comes and asks me for my PDA. apparently he had to put up some signs that didnt get printed, so he walks away and you can hear the PDA scanning. he comes back and tells me “these signs arent scanning so im gonna need you to do them for me.. type in the DPCI number manually and look for the locations” ugh i wanted to throw the PDA on his face so bad! he then walks away. i finished zoning A&B and started putting up signs, this made me fall back on schedule and i couldnt get to the other areas. it was a good amount of signs for pets, pharmacy, personal care and the front lanes). he then asks why i didnt make it to the other zones. i just look at him with signs on hand like are you fucking serious, get out of my face!! this dude never jumps on a lane for guest 1st no matter how backed up or busy salesfloor team members are, he wont do cart runs when theres no cart attendant or when someone else cant do it. hes also stupid he doesnt know how the backroom works, how to build or take down sales planners, what we carry and where things are or anything for that matter. he doesnt even know how to do returns for god’s sake. during mid day shifts im the only one in the floor so i gotta do pulls from the line, answer call buttons, guest 1st, cover electronics break/lunch and even do fken cart runs cause they “dont have enough hrs” to schedule a cart attendant that early. the store can be out of carts and i can be busy with a guest or have a backed up line but this dude wont offer to bring in carts, answer call buttons, or jump on a lane to aleviate my work load.. bleh hes so much dead weight!

I could keep going on about this other ETL who likes to scream and “lecture” us over the walkie during store hours but I already wrote too much. I love my coworkers but its amazing how just 1-2 ppl can completely ruin your whole working experience.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Speak to the store HR. You know the person who does the hours behind the main desk sign in room of course. Tell her you are annoyed by what is happening and what leaders are not helping or doing any work. If after 2 weeks nothing changes, than contact corporate head quarters by going to and travel to the bottom, contact by mail, put in your store number, your team member number, your full name, the leaders you are having trouble with about not helping once so ever and they will do something. I emailed target through the email at the bottom of page once and got a response at my store the next day and spoke to my store manager lady about the problems as they were told to here by the headquarters through the email you gave them.

  • FuckT says:

    sounds like a lot of ETLs...lazy spoiled mofos..sometimes I feel like removing allllll the sale signs placing them allllll in the wrong they'll have a shitload of price challenges...then back stocking things that are not really there to mess up their backroom counts, untying all their pogs, and just go around the store pushing service buttons when I know there's no salesfloor coverage just to watch them shit their pants lol


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