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  • September 30, 2013 - taz


    So I have been over looked again for a TL spot in my store and I getting sick of it. It seems as if your not white then your not rite in my store. There is only one black TL and ETL in my whole store they should say something. I have been at my store for 1year and 7months and still not spot for me. Its always well you need more work, or the time is not rite and last my favorite you need to be more global. WTF I work in Electronics I get guest that come in talk to my TL’s and ETL’s and write to district about me but still nothing and this happens on a all the time bases. I don’t get how much work I have to do. They treat me like a Slave once again I guess that’s ok becuz I’m BLACK, I’m way under paid and My AAR scores alone are the best in my region. What more do you need so weak ass RedCards no body wants? I’m so sick of this place. I get store Mangers for different company’s that come to my store that beg me to leave mine and be a Manger at theirs. Why in the HELL do I said No? Maybe becuz I feel like I can help the team out so they can feel better about what they do or maybe I’m slow. Idk anymore I just want what is supposed to happen when for show hard work for a store that’s HATES BLACKS. So should I just switch stores and see what happens? or Stay and get Over Looked Again? or Say Skip It and Leave? what you guys think?