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September 30, 2013 - taz


So I have been over looked again for a TL spot in my store and I getting sick of it. It seems as if your not white then your not rite in my store. There is only one black TL and ETL in my whole store they should say something. I have been at my store for 1year and 7months and still not spot for me. Its always well you need more work, or the time is not rite and last my favorite you need to be more global. WTF I work in Electronics I get guest that come in talk to my TL’s and ETL’s and write to district about me but still nothing and this happens on a all the time bases. I don’t get how much work I have to do. They treat me like a Slave once again I guess that’s ok becuz I’m BLACK, I’m way under paid and My AAR scores alone are the best in my region. What more do you need so weak ass RedCards no body wants? I’m so sick of this place. I get store Mangers for different company’s that come to my store that beg me to leave mine and be a Manger at theirs. Why in the HELL do I said No? Maybe becuz I feel like I can help the team out so they can feel better about what they do or maybe I’m slow. Idk anymore I just want what is supposed to happen when for show hard work for a store that’s HATES BLACKS. So should I just switch stores and see what happens? or Stay and get Over Looked Again? or Say Skip It and Leave? what you guys think?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Dude, I gotta call bullshit on this one! If you have people offering you jobs at better places, take one!!

  • Junip says:

    I definitely see white privilege in the hiring practice of Target. I have worked at three Targets and had close to 30 different TL's and ETL's and only two were black and one was hispanic. Most of my ETL's look like Barbie and Ken and have that fake spirit and pep that can only be created from years of cheerleading.

    I was promised an ETL position within one year of working AP but I was passed over for not being "global." Instead they hired two new, blonde hair, blue eyed guys who just graduated college with business degrees and no AP experience and I had to help train them...that's when I quit Target the first time.

    Unfortunately hard times soon followed and I found myself back at the Bullseye but I'm constantly looking for new jobs. I would rather work for a smaller, locally owned business but none of them can guarantee me the hours and job security Target does. I know that sounds shocking, but my Target isn't closing anytime soon so as long as I show up I believe I'll still have a job. Also, I'm sure at another retailer I wouldn't be able to pick up the extra shifts that I do at Target.

    • TargetSucks says:

      From my own experience walking into Target stores, which is obviously only a minimal amount of anecdotal evidence, I've mostly seen young attractive women, followed by the minimum amount of mixed race and elderly people to not get sued.

  • viciousdave says:

    Well, if you've gone in and asked for the position, did paperwork and read up on what to do for that position and had a review from top LODs about it, why the hell haven't they given you the job? In my area, it's a mixed boat, plenty of Asian, white, black, Muslim, and Mexican people. Although out TLs and LODs are nothing but smile happy blonde women. I bet they wouldn't let me have the position either as I'm a short guy. The last thing I can tell you that would help is speak to the store manager, I know he or she doesn't work much, but is there sometimes, my store manager has spoken to me nicely and understabably about when I had problems.

  • TeamLeadsSuck says:

    A year and 7months? Is that all? I've been working at Target for over five years. You think it's a severe problem that you've been passed up for TL? Try being taken into the office for the most trivial bullshit you can possibly imagine! It's not racism just because you're not being handed promotions.

    I have worked at 4 different Target stores. I was once asked if I was white and then told to stay outside, and did so for an hour past my shift start at the second store I worked at. I'm Italian. The only reason I was hired is because Italian last names can sound Spanish. The TL was Cuban. He tried to write me up for being an hour late when he wouldn't let me in, but I reported this to the STL.

    My current place right now, my TL takes me into the office for not being "vibe" or brand. My TL is hispanic. I had no problem when my STL that used to work there was white. It's all about the majority race at whatever store you're at. You should transfer or better yet, quit Target.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    If you are getting other job offers, go interview and if the offer is good, then take it. No one should ever stay at a job if they aren't happy and can go other places with an opportunity where they will be able to succeed..

    You said that maybe you are staying because you feel you can help the team out..yet you don't feel that they are helping you out. You have to do what is best for you, not what is best for target..they will never see you as a person.. You are just someone to smile at guests, get redcards, stock shelves.. There is no appreciation in retail..
    Once you feel it's not a good situation for you, it's time to move on.


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