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  • Where the fuck do I begin? Maybe I’ll start with my worthless ass Team leads who seem to always forget what they told you to do 3 minutes ago? Nah because 2 out of the 6 of them were cool. Maybe I’ll start with my Snitch ass coworkers who loaf all fucking day causing a back jam in work? Nah that’s too easy.. How bout I start with the bullshit reason I got let go? Yeah I’ll start there… Perfect. Grab your Popcorn and juju beez and large beverage for this one.. Little over 3 months ago 2 co workers of mines named Renell 25 and ex-con Terrence 47 (who loves to tell everybody he did 8 years) got into a shouting match almost coming to blows. After a 2 week investigation the 2 workers are back on schedule with a final warning I guess..