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  • January 14, 2014 - DestroyTarget

    T-2443 Again

    Good News: The only thing that’s good about the breach is that I haven’t had to ask customers about the REDcard for four weeks now!


    Bad News: The LODs with the Breakout (the clipboard with our breaks listed on it) always fail to make sure each cashier has their break! They always tell me that I should never go on break until they tell me to, yet they forget to check the Breakout so often, that I have missed many of my breaks in the past few days, and the breaks I do have are two hours later than they should be. I know LODs can be busy, but how hard is it to glance at the clipboard and walk up to a cashier to say it is time for their break? Or if they cannot go to the cashier, they can ask another employee to tell the cashier for them.

  • I am so sick of people pointing the finger at Target because of the data breach. Target did not do it; a group of criminals hacked the system and leaked the information. It was also not the only store that this happened to. It happened to Neiman and Marcus as well.

    I am sick of people coming to me at guest services and being like ‘”because YOU GUYS stole my identity” and pointing their finger at me. No we didn’t. And don’t tell me you understand that when I tell you “It wasn’t the store, it was a group of criminals that hacked the system” because if you did you would not get up in my face and say YOU GUYS because you would understand that we didn’t exactly jump for joy when we found out this happened because we knew we would get blamed for it. We just work for the stores and for the record, employees were also affected. Target takes security very seriously and is doing everything they can to fix this. Blaming the stores for this is ignorant so just stop. For fucks sake.