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  • June 30, 2015 - Hate It

    Super Target Cart Attendant

    I’ve been reading topics here for quite some time now, and now I feel I want to express myself as well.

    Note I’M only 17 and the other cart attendants are 16 and 17.  Other nights they have past cart attendants closing.

    I’ve been at Super Target since October as a cart attendant and USED to cashier, but haven’t been scheduled at it in months.

  • July 1, 2013 - Lalien

    Cart Attendant Hell

    Most people will probably see this as an angry ex-employee that’s mad because he got fired. But this one is just for the archives, it doesn’t really matter if anybody reads this or not. This is for my own closure.


    Being a Cart Attendant at Target has made me feel the more insignificant and unappreciated than I have ever had in my whole life. It is one of the worst jobs in a retail position but it also happens to be the one of most important jobs. It’s like the big toe on the human body, it’s such a small, and insignificant piece. And you feel as if you would be the same off if you cut it off, but then if you tried to walk or even stand, you would fall to the ground. As a college student with no work experience, I wasn’t expecting anything much better, and I was willing to accept that, but a little bit of slack would have gone a long way for me.


    My duties were: