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June 2, 2015 - Fuckingtiredofthisshit

Shove those redcards up your ass

Yes, you heard me. Shove those plastic pieces of shit up your asshole. Go ahead and shove all 50 of them that you supposedly need a week right up in there. Hopefully you get some sort of
rectal rupture from it too. If you are not able to do so, I understand seeing as how you already have a stick up your butt to begin with. I do not posses mind control. I cannot force someone to
to sign up for your scam of complete bullshit. I am not your personal robot. I will not repeat the same phrases over and over again. I’m sick to death of having to apologize to people for
having to ask them about this damn card and having to tell them that “It’s just my job to ask” when it is ABSOLUTELY not in my job criteria to be a salesperson. ¬†

Your company has a security breach and your solution is to come up with debit and credit cards linked to people’s bank accounts? Who in the fucking world ever thought that this would be a good idea? God damn stupid ass management for a company that is already going downhill. High five teeeaam! Everybody put on their fake smiles now! Don’t forget to harass your customers consistently! You didn’t get a redcard today? Why didn’t you ask your “guests”? Because everyone has a bank account and everyone would want one, right? Because 5% is a BIG DEAL, seeing as how it doesn’t even cover taxes and all.

Because everyone always has blank checks on them. AND AND and it only takes two minutes! Right. The fucking checks take like 5 minutes just to feed through the machine properly. It only takes about 8 minutes to sign up if you’re lucky! Because saving a couple dollars is worth that much time. Just don’t let your register freeze up because you obviously should have mind control over that as well. Oh your register light is blinking? Let me just take my sweet ass time to get over to you and “help”. Oh you’re out of money in your register? Just give em a shitload of ones and quarters because thats good “guest service”. You want me to push 3 redcards a day and hand out 20 applications? Sure, just give me 9mm so I can do this at gunpoint. Let’s go ahead and put red bullseyes on our customer’s foreheads while we’re at it too. ¬†Fuck off Target.




  • Silverfox says:

    here's a tip that tarshit obviously never learned from their Ex zellers employees. Allow customers to pay their red card at the till. It's a tactic that sears and hbc gasp use. People don't want another card to remember about paying. If they can pay it off instantly at the till then of course people would sign up for it. Is that even allowable by tarshit for it's "guests" ? Something that walmart has learned I hear. Apparently you can pay it off with any form of payment including your usual form of credit payment. That's hearsay so it may or may not be true. And it may not be around anymore because tarshit left. I imagine it was purely a tactic put in place to counter tarshit, walmart's mortal foe.

  • TiredTargetear says:

    This is the best post ever. I had the worst day at this terrible place and this actually but a smile on my face!

  • viciousdave says:

    I know what you're talking about. I need money, I put in the request, oh it's a half hour from when I requested, so I turn on my light. I need money please, 10s, 5s, and quarters. Wait another 15 minutes, GSTL says "oh I forgot". I wait 45 minutes for money? WTF? What kind of business is this shit? This isn't a business, this is corruption, this is what you call what the basic whole economy of the whole country is. In the United States, there are 20 or so rich billionaires and the 2 billion of us are middle class or poor. Well at Target that's how were treated. The top ones of GSTLs, LODs, floor leaders, make more money but do less. We are the ones that do more for more people yet we get paid less. WTF Target? It should be do more, get paid more, not do less get paid more. Just like your slogan, get more, pay less. Well all of us do more and we get paid less also. So great fucking job on the slogan telling the truth on how you treat us like utter shit! Red cards? I won't ask anymore, I get asked about ask every guest for redcard, I say yeah yeah ok I will, I don't ask anybody, you know why? 22.9% interest on the credit card, nobody wants that high of interest debt. So I save people by not asking in the first place. Two, nobody gives a shit if I do ask as I have before, customer says, "no no no no", I say ok, well it's 72 dollars, they pay with there bank card or credit card from Chase or something else. For fuck sake Target, do you get it now? You say yeah we get it not a lot may want it but you still have to ask. Nope. Not asking. Go ahead and fire me if you want. But for one, I'm going to enjoy life, not be enslaved into saying what I don't want to say. FREEDOM of SPEECH, 1st AMENDMENT!


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