Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 30, 2015 - khadii91

seasonal target worker. (overlooked the entire time)

Well i worked at target as a cashier for seasonal 2014-2015

Okay so i wouldnt say it was the worst place to work at for the most part it was decent

Pros where that they fed u. Almost everyday they had snacks and ordered out a lot which is a plus i love food lol. The breaks are awesome because most places you have to work over 7 hours to get a lunch break they give u a lunch break for anything over 5 or 6 i believe and its good. My coworkers were pretty nice along with my boss she was sweet.


Cons- RED CARDS they are so worried about selling these 5% red cards that they look over you actually being a good worker. If you dont get enough they dont look at you as a good worker. Another thing is one of my gstl was a total bitch i mean you can tell she didnt like me from jump she would always come over and say things i need to improve on, now criticism does not bother me the least bit bt when your constantly saying negative things and never acknowledging the possitve it makes you feel bad i know i wasnt the best worker hey i suck at selling things to people bt ill be damned if u say i was a horrible worker being that i had prior retail experience before that and always got good reviews


So other than the red card issues target was a good experience for me.


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