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November 26, 2014 - OnlyWhiteOvernight

Quit Right Before BlackFriday(;

First off; this website is fucking amazing.

Okay so after being hired on as seasonal overnight it came quickly that only Mexicans work at this bitch; making me the minority. Anyone offended by this chill out im just saying; so all the girls can talk and take their sweet ass time but if i even ask another guy how his days going i get sent to another aisle. Like what the fuck? they ride my ass when i get aisles done like a mother fucker. I didn’t mind this shit job at first until i realized the management was shit and after getting yelled at for something new every other night that they should have trained me on but guess what! i got no fucking training; yeah fuck you target you cock suckers. Well at this point i say fuck it im gonna quit im not that desperate and this was really fucking over my schooling honestly. So i thought hey theyre low on staff why not quit two days before all the trucks come in and make them even on a less end of people? I was always on truck and banged out those fucking boxes like a speed racer being 6’4” i didnt need no bitch stool to grab the top. so yeah i did help a lot on the trucks and theyd just keep me on there the whole hour.

Well not anymore bitches enjoy your lazy girl workers who just talk about the weirdest shit ever(when i could understand it) and the manager known for sexually harassing all the women.


lolz ill be by friday to pick up my check because i work overnight and no one will know who i am on dayside. peace out TARSHIT.


ps this rant is at 4am because my sleep is so fucked up from working there.




  • TargetSucks says:

    Yeah, you do sound a little racist. Even your name. Congrats on quitting, and quit worrying about racial shit and you'll be much happier.

  • shittytarget says:

    Yo! I did the same thing, quitting right before black friday. Quitting never felt so good.

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    I quit last month and got out before Black Friday hell could start. My last day was one of the happiest of my life.

  • Overheated says:

    I've dealt with that racist shit before too. Just because you can see that they're Mexicans and you are born white (OnlyWhiteOvernight), doesn't exactly make you a racist. There's favoritism going on in largely Mexican populated Targets. If most of your coworkers are Mexican, your manager is Mexican, and you're not, you are most likely going to be ostracized and singled out for doing the exact same thing others are caught doing but they're not singled out. I've been there. It sucked.

    Like my semi-old post said, I was once told "you're white, no you wait outside" by a manager. When I submitted an open-door report, he retaliated. Target "no retaliation open door policy" is complete bullshit. That guy afterwards purposely put me with angry Columbian women that nobody wanted to work with because they scream at the top of their lungs, and threaten to cut off male genitalia with their boxcutters. He came around making me bowl everything out from FLATS ONLY, meaning I had to unload the pallet onto flats first and then bowl into isles. The Columbian women hated this, having to go back to isles because the merch was mixed. Needless to say, I received many petty threats and the loudest damn screeching you've ever heard in your life from those cocaine capital of the world bitches.

    There was another manager who thought he was a southside gang member. Six years into working for Target, I offered constructive criticism from time to time about making the team more efficient. To him, I was challenging his gang-mind mentality authority. "SAY THAT TO MY FACE, NOT WHEN MY BACK IS TURNED!" he blurted out once. This douche kept walking into isles, telling workers they're slow and they sucked, then turning heel and walking out quick. How else was I supposed to tell him? Coward turned his back as soon as he was done shitting on us. Oh, and no talking while you're working was said only to the few white workers there. But his Mexican workers frequently stood around talking with no repercussions.

    Am I racist for noticing this, or are they racist for singling out white people?
    Or you could be society's shill and think "nobody can be racist unless they're white".

  • Silverfox says:

    lol.mexicans usually think i'm spanish or their kind.Since my name is spanish. And I can mumble a few words of spanish.

    Nah I think it's because of "history". At least a good chunk of what used to be mexico is under us jurisdiction. Maybe they were broke, maybe the spanish government wanted to boost the power of the us at the expense of their own spanish colony, mexico,

    And the next time a mexican says that to you overheated tell them they are white too. Last time I checked Spain was part of Europe and Spainards are considered Caucasian . Hence Spaniards are whites. And since Mexico is actually a Spanish colony after the Spaniards killed off the aboriginals in what's left of mexico that gained independence from Spain. Mexicans are actually whites, so in reality if they are being insulting to whites, they are stupidly insulting themselves. Tell them you white too, because you mexican and mexican is white people. Only reason they have darker skin is because their skin has adapted to the stronger sunlight at the equator. They are white not brown.

    Those mexicans need to go back to history class and take a make up exam.


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