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October 21, 2013 - DestroyTarget

My Conversion Rate Is Too Low. T-2443.

I can’t force someone to apply for the REDcard if they say no. I’ve been called to have a meeting with my manager before about my low selling rates and today my manager said that if my selling rate is low my the next quarter, I’ll be having a meeting with a GSTL and it’ll be “ugly”. The store company emphasizes the sell rates of the cards over the performance of its employees. I’m kind, joking, and polite toward my customers and will always help them in any way I can. I’m also one of the fastest cashiers, so my line is hardly ever long for a long time, plus I keep my lane clean and orderly and I usually come to work when I’m called in on my day offs. When I have nothing to do, I ask my Team Leader if there is anything extra I can do, so it’s not like I’m slacking around. I’ve asked my coworkers for advice on how to ask customers about the REDcard and have used their methods, even in in combos, but I still haven’t sold a card.

I was thinking of transferring to another store of the same company in another city because the employees never seem to ask every customer. In fact, I’ve never noticed them ask anyone! Then, again, I’ve heard that in order to transfer, one of the requirements is to have a good selling score, which I obviously do not have. I might as well quit.

Well, I’m off to cry. I just feel too down.


Employee Experience redcard / T-2443 /


  • Junip says:

    It only gets worse. My store is now asking every cashier to get guests to sign up for Cartwheel and we are to keep track of how many guests sign up.

    The sales floor team is also told to ask every guest they help to sign up for a RedCard and personally walk them to a register and sign them up.

  • Silverfox says:

    tell headquarters to make selling the target cc easier, they need to give it more benefits. 😉 The rbc target cc has extended warranty. 5% off at target canada and no forex fee at target usa. Techically there is a 2.5 conversion fee but the 5% off at target usa stores with the target canada red card offsets the forex fee charged.

    • Silverfox says:

      the card sucks compared to the rbc target red card. If i absolutely have to get one, the only one i'll consider is the canadian version. Much better benefits. 😉

    • Junip says:

      The US card has all those features. 30 days extra on returns. 5% on almost everything in the store and online. Free shipping online. 1% gives back to a school of your choice. Use the pharmacy 5 times and get a coupon for an extra 5% one day of shopping. You also get more coupons when you use your RedCard (or so it seems). Plus you have the debit card which is completely free, no extra charges, all you need is money in your bank account to use it.

      The problem at the end of the day is that it's still a credit card! Most people already have credit cards that give kick backs that are better then the 5% (that doesn't even cover sales tax in most states). Why save a nickel on the dollar when you can be earning airline miles, cash back options, and reward points?

      As a cashier I don't want to have to be a slimy salesman hawking some 17% interest card on unsuspecting customers. And the guests don't want to be harassed about it either.

      • Silverfox says:

        if i can save 2.5% and get extended warranty as well, then by god i'll use it. And not have to pay the forex fee using cards that do offer it and have cashback as well. That is where the target rbc red card trumps. the 5% off cancels the 2.5% forex fee. And I get extended warranty on that electronic I wanted to buy plus an extra 2.5% off thrown into the deal then so be it. My regular card offers me extended warranty and if i don't want no forex fee, i have to forfeit the extended warranty and go with the amazon chase visa card which doesn't have the extended warranty.

        • Silverfox says:

          sorry for my outburst. I can see a few ways in which the canadian red card be useful for canadians. But it only works if one plans to go shopping in target usa with it and buying electronics. You can look at it one way and can say target is paying for the forex fee for canadians. Only condition is canadians must sign up for the rbc red card.

      • ProhibitionRose says:

        lol you do NOT have to have money in your account to use the Red Debit Card. It takes several days to come out of your account AND if you forget about that purchase and end up over drafting, you are charged outrageous fees, even if you have any kind of protection from your bank. Not worth it, ever.

  • Silverfox says:

    you forgot extended warranty. Nowhere on that card app that is listed.


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