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August 3, 2015 - Bobo

Love my job but not the corporation !

I’ve been working as Plano TM for 14 years. Two things keep me here : I love what I’m doing and need medical insurance. Not the lazy ETL’s , HR who cannot answer ANY questions (“here is the number for TMSC”) or STL who behaves like 13 year old (“we do not have the crayons in stock, but we can ship them to your house”). The people at Corporate are not much better. Big boom in Canada for which we’re paying right now – not enough payroll to do decent job anywhere in the store. When I started working at Target most Execs were still in diapers , so they cannot compare . But  I can. The store was clean , aisles were zoned , abandones worked , clearance on nicely organized end caps. Now the store is messy , never zoned , abandones  left for the idiotic “smart huddles “. TL ‘s are splitting product between end caps instead of working out their freakin clearance or actually pulling their pulls. Flow doesn’t have to zone, take off the grey dots or even put product in right places. Training is a joke because nobody stays long enough to learn and be a trainer. And the stupid time study Corporate did on Plano ?  I would like to know which plano team of 4 people can set all the cosmetics AND  18 aisles of grocery in 1 week ? (Cleaning, date checking and pulling included !!!) And lastly : My Device . Worthless . Venting helps. Thank you for reading !


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  • Silverfox says:

    You probably mean management lol. The big flop in canada is representative of how messed up target management really is. ONly reason why target usa is still around is they are managing to put up a good front and relying on the previous good rep, target built. Target is rotting from the inside out

    Target thought it could gouge Canadians and we would be happy to pay whatever they asked. LOL, why would we? The rumor is they were more expensive than an convenience store when they first launched. ,Plus, tarshit opened with empty shelves. Hey target remember what walmart learned? And you took advantage of? You can't sell what you don't have.


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