Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

June 9, 2014 - takemethere


I copy and pasted this from the web:


Police are investigating how a loaded gun wound up among children’s toys at a Target store in South Carolina.

According to a police report, an employee at the Myrtle Beach store reported May 30 that he was investigating a possible theft when he noticed a black handgun on top of a superhero toy box.

The employee told officers he had seen a man repeatedly walking around that section of the store, but authorities said they didn’t know if that man had put the gun among the toys.

Authorities said the 9-mm handgun had not been reported stolen and had eight bullets inside. Officers said they would review security camera footage to try to determine who left the gun in the store.

The discovery comes as Target and other retailers face pressure to prohibit customers from carrying guns into their stores. On Wednesday, the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a petition asking the company to prevent customers from carrying firearms in Target stores. The petition is unrelated to the discovery of the gun in South Carolina.

A spokeswoman for Target said the safety of its employees and customers are its top priority. Store employees are working with law enforcement in Myrtle Beach to help track down the person who left the gun, spokeswoman Molly Snyder said.


My comment: Sometimes i feel very unsafe or uneasy  at work and this depends at which Target store you work at and the area that the store is located. Target made it quite easy as they were reluctant to beef up their point of sale security systems when they were forewarned about a possible breach. 110 million of us got fucked over as our personal information which included credit card numbers, debit card numbers and pin, names, email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers got compromised and yet the ousted C.E.O George  whatever his last is walked away with millions. Aint dat a bitch! What concerns me also is that are quite a few times when there is no AP ETl or TPS in the building for an entire shifts. Can they themselves be trusted? Mmmm? Target has visibly done away with undercover security in quite a few of  the stores that i know of which I think is stupid. At least I have the common sense not to play a hero in the event of theft or if violence or a fight breaks out. Truth is Target if they ever did they sure do not care about us. Their corporate greed, reluctance and ignorance  as they struggle to find a new CEO will continue to define their level of success as time goes by.  Most of the people employed at the top are leaving the company. Target needs to revisit what it means to work with Integrity, hire the right people at the right time , manage talent, build trust and seriously start to take care of their team members. They can start by paying us better and giving us better or living wages( and getting rid of the dead weight stl’s and etl’s who are demonizing some of its stores). We have earned it. Keep us safe TARGET!!! Now they are having a hard time being resilient and adaptable in bouncing back from this breach mess. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN THERE WERE 8 BULLETS LEFT IN THAT HANDGUN THAT WAS LEFT IN THAT CAROLINA STORE. IMAGINE THAT! It could have turned out a sad case….With this company I have been shot down times and times again by these ungodly etl’s but like the phoenix i rise over and over again cause simply put, I excel at what i do and I keep it honest….




  • TargetGrunt says:

    Not learning my lesson the last time, I actually emailed the executives and board of directors about several of the things you mentioned. The shareholder's meeting is on June 11th, so perhaps we'll hear something after the fact?

    My store only has two AP employees, the ETL and one TM, but between them the store is only covered half of the time. I can imagine if a store shooting did occur Target would simply dismiss it as an "unavoidable tragedy" and do nothing to improve security in-store.

    Also, the former CEO was Gregg Steinhafel and he walked away with $61 million.


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