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September 28, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

I am FREE!!!

One week shy of my 90 day review, I quit. I have had enough of that place. I am sick of the nit picking, the bitchy attitudes and people being so damned two faced. It is awful.

I called up and talked to the HR ETL and I told her I wasn’t going to be coming in anymore. Before I could say any more she got a really snippy attitude and said “That’s fine. We were going to let you go on your 90 day review anyway”. Good freakin’ riddance to you too, asshat!




  • buymeamovie1st says:

    I've been free of those assholes for 7 months now and am so glad I left! Nothing says get the fuck out like 16 hours a week and constant under appreciation and being talked to like a child!

  • montanelly says:

    will anyone help me locate district manager phone number and e-mail , I have really bad experience in store in Oregon, and manager is hiding that numbers from me. Help!

  • ZeroMovement says:

    Ha, I'm probably going to be in the same boat as the poster here. My TLOD acted like an angle said how awesome I was at my job. then today walks up to me and brings up a mistake I made in hardlines 2 months ago when I had just started and says "I need to see drastic improvement..." not finishing his sentence. can't wait to see that assholes face when I quit on the spot at my 90 day review to work for a new job with better pay. seriously I'd take a damn call center over this bullshit.


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