Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

December 18, 2014 - SusieH



I am using a fake name because I am terrified someone at that shit hole will find it and make my remaining days there even fucking worse than they are now

I decided to work for this shithole because i had time off school and i got bored. Their orientation is a joke: at the end of the day, like everywhere else, they give two shits about you and give more shits about the profit. Most people there will twist things around to make sure you get blamed for their shit. I never got trained on cash but i always get called in for it because people are too fucked to show up for work. They claim they give a shit about ‘team members’ but the reality is they dont fucking care. The pharmacists is awesome. That’s the only time i will return to that shithole: for that guy.


I will share more later when I am officially out of that dump. Everything from people twisting my words around to not getting my hours changed in Jan as I am returning to school WHEN I TOLD THEM THAT IN THE INTERVIEW.




  • viciousdave says:

    Sounds good. I don't like the job either, but I've stayed there a long time because I'm an enforcing individual who doesn't give up at life and many other things. The enforcement of wrong doing that Target leaders have been doing is wrong. I've been there 7 years now. The leaders GSTLs and other TLs are clearly big time really good at faking things. For example, they plead oh so sorry and gilty eyed for guests who are angry when I can't understand them or they get mad for a price difference that I clearly can't change because they claim to know the real so called price of more than $100 dollars. So GSTL comes and say oh I am so sorry mam, what can I do for you? Lets see about that for you. Sales floor over walkie, check price on this. Oh I am so sorry mam, that is the wrong price, arhrhrhrhrrh, no no, I saw it on the shelf for that cheap arh arh h arrrhhggghg! Ok mam, we want to be nice about this, I understand how you feel very much, I know, but it's not the price you think, it's not always the price as others may have put it in the wrong place and we are not going to sell something at a big price difference, nobody is, do you understand? Than the guest finally understands. OMFG! Unfortunately for me I am introvert type but I've learnt over years to fake also and be a smile here and fake out the oh I am so sorry, unfrotunately I am forced by management to ask to supervisor help is what we tell guests, and than GSTL does the job. I'm glad you got out of that crap. I am staying because the job is close and I also very much enjoy my co workers as we talk about the rude violent guests of cheap shits also.

  • SusieH says:

    I'm the same way too. I just learned that there's a point of no return for me and I have reached it.

    I just can't tolerate this shit anymore.

    OH i have had delt with violent guests too. I'll post that in a bit. I am actually up early to get ready to go to that dump of a place. 🙁


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