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  • August 21, 2013 - xoxobbyx

    Applied at Target

    So i applied at Target online and within the next two days they called and said my availability would not work. So the HR lady completely changed my hours! But I really couldn’t complain I need a job soo badly. I had my interview on the phone which i think I did horrible but they didnt even ask the “normal” questions that they should and usually ask. They asked me ” Describe a time where you exceeded someones expectations?” I DONT KNOW. That’s THEIR opinion if i did or not…. but really, i think they only want people that can work a lot of hours because they kept bringing my availability up and how much hours I can work. So know im just waiting. The person that interviewed me told me I have to wait 2 weeks and they will get in touch with me. Okay i have a lot of questions. 1) Me waiting for 2 weeks… does that mean that i will get the job or should I just start looking for another one.? ( She said they will call or mail me. If I have to wait 2 weeks i feel like they are just going to mail me a letter saying sorry you didnt get the job. because why else would i have to wait 2 weeks?!. 2) Is Target really a bad job.? (This would be my first job) Do you guys think it would be a good first job to start. Thanks for any feedback! (: