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August 21, 2013 - xoxobbyx

Applied at Target

So i applied at Target online and within the next two days they called and said my availability would not work. So the HR lady completely changed my hours! But I really couldn’t complain I need a job soo badly. I had my interview on the phone which i think I did horrible but they didnt even ask the “normal” questions that they should and usually ask. They asked me ” Describe a time where you exceeded someones expectations?” I DONT KNOW. That’s THEIR opinion if i did or not…. but really, i think they only want people that can work a lot of hours because they kept bringing my availability up and how much hours I can work. So know im just waiting. The person that interviewed me told me I have to wait 2 weeks and they will get in touch with me. Okay i have a lot of questions. 1) Me waiting for 2 weeks… does that mean that i will get the job or should I just start looking for another one.? ( She said they will call or mail me. If I have to wait 2 weeks i feel like they are just going to mail me a letter saying sorry you didnt get the job. because why else would i have to wait 2 weeks?!. 2) Is Target really a bad job.? (This would be my first job) Do you guys think it would be a good first job to start. Thanks for any feedback! (:


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  • Angelknight says:

    don't look on this job as a permament job. Just a job that gives you some pocket money if you do get hired and continue looking for a new job

    • Jesushasaredcard says:

      You should just quit and get a job anywhere else. I worked for Target for 3 years. It was alright at first but for maybe the last 6-7 months targets policies are changing. The stores aren't making as much as they use to so they get what ever they can by making people vibe or push red cards on everyone.

  • KEENtan says:

    After my phone interview I got a call the next day inviting me to an in person interview. If you get invited to the in person interview, it's almost guaranteed you will get the job (they offered me the job at the in person interview).

    My brother also had a phone interview and they said they would get in touch with him. They sent him an email about a week later saying he was not getting the job.

    As for your question about Target being a bad job, just read a couple of the entries on this should get your answer pretty quickly.


    I applied and within next few days I got hired on. But it took a week or two to get orientation to go. Beware how the hr changed your availability is only some of the games to begin.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    I put in applications EVERYWHERE and Target was 1st to answer me back. When I applied online, they called me about a week later and that same call was my 1st interview. I passed it and was called the next day for an in person interview. I was asked about availability and since I don't go to school or had a job, I said I was available anytime. She said "Ok, we can give you a minimum of 20-25 hrs a week for right now, when holidays come by than we'll double your hours." My 1st week there, I got a total of 11 hrs. The next week they didn't put me on the schedule so I have about 10 days off, currently in my 7th day today. I checked the schedule for the week after and I only have 8 hrs for whole week. I figured, If your a new employee shouldn't you be working quite a lot so you can get used to the store and the equipment? I'm going to quit once I find another job. Well that's my experience. As for the 2 weeks wait on their part for your situation, that sounds really weird and fishy. And as for your ? about working at Target a bad experience, based on my experience and reading other people's posts on here, I would say yes. It feels like they don't seem to care that much about their employee's.

  • xoxobbyx says:

    yeah, they sent me an email too saying that they are unable to offer me a position. Im not even disappointed at the fact that i didn't get the job. This website made it pretty clear that its not a good place! Thanks so much (:

  • FuckT says:

    you dodged a bullet

  • TeamLeadsSuck says:

    NEVER believe the bullshit people might try to feed you about "You're new now. Your hours will get better once they get used to you." because it's a LIE.

    The second your TL decides that for any reason they don't like you, they're going to trim the hell out of your hours with no cause or justification whatsoever. If you stick around after that, they're going to take you into the office for verbals on the most bullshit reasons imaginable.

    Do yourself a favor and find another job.


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