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  • September 12, 2013 - Xerothermical

    1 year in and starting to dislike it

    Hello peeps, i came across this site as i was googling how people felt about working in target. I decided to post here cause im 1 year into this and im starting to dislike it. it starts like this. i was hired as a seasonal member during october of 2012 and i knew i could be terminated by january after the holidays. since i needed a job badly i started talking to a few ppl ¬†and was told to cross train to different areas to give the impression i was interested in staying.. so i did. I cross trained to planogram softlines, PTM, and some backroom, i knew hardlines, and cashiering and thoughout my seasonal time there i worked all those areas. surely in january i was offered a regular position and i was happy lol. in april they started reviews but i wasnt expecting much since i was still relatively new. one of the hardline TLs made my review (who i didnt really work with) and she started off by saying my review was tricky because i was still relatively new then she continued on to say i was a reliable member always coming in to work, picking up hrs, coming in when they needed me etc. then she burst my bubble by saying i got an IE rating (inefficiently something…)