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  • June 18, 2012 - TGThater4life

    I don’t deserve it!?! Are you kidding me!!

    So I’ve been working at target for over 2years now as a cashier, and we are required to get REDcards right? Ok fine whatever I’ll ask EVERY SINGLE guest and get the nasty responses… Just recently I have had the highest conversion rate because I get a lot of REDcards. So one day my STL came up to me and asked why I became a cashier. So I told him that I wanted to work in guest service and he was like no way! And I quote: “you don’t deserve to work there because you don’t get enough REDcards.” after I told him about getting 5 in like 4 hours… He simply laughed and said “Guess how many I got in 6 hours?… 2!” he only got 2 freakin cards! Before I could say anything he walked away… It’s like anytime something isn’t going their way they run away or write you up! Target management is the worst I have ever seen because they are cowardly and rude! Once I quit I will never pursue a job with them again!