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June 18, 2012 - TGThater4life

I don’t deserve it!?! Are you kidding me!!

So I’ve been working at target for over 2years now as a cashier, and we are required to get REDcards right? Ok fine whatever I’ll ask EVERY SINGLE guest and get the nasty responses… Just recently I have had the highest conversion rate because I get a lot of REDcards. So one day my STL came up to me and asked why I became a cashier. So I told him that I wanted to work in guest service and he was like no way! And I quote: “you don’t deserve to work there because you don’t get enough REDcards.” after I told him about getting 5 in like 4 hours… He simply laughed and said “Guess how many I got in 6 hours?… 2!” he only got 2 freakin cards! Before I could say anything he walked away… It’s like anytime something isn’t going their way they run away or write you up! Target management is the worst I have ever seen because they are cowardly and rude! Once I quit I will never pursue a job with them again!


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    At my store we were told that every cashier needs at least two redcards a shift or they will be coached. Three coachings lead to a write-up, three of those lead to a counselling, and then fired. The store is considered an ultra-low volume store. Even if someone asked every person they rung up they might not get any redcards. How is that fair?

  • Redcard_Slave says:

    I agree with Misused, Seriously?! I have regulars every weekend, There is no way in hell you can assume that everyone walking in the doors is a new customer let alone someone who is going to make the commitment to come to the store every weekend to buy groceries when they live 15 miles away! I am sick of these unrealistic expectations. These conversion rates are all based on assumption, Assuming that everyone is a new customer who can't think for themselves where to shop at lower prices, Assuming that you work more than the minimal hours you are allotted, ASSUMING that you work every shift as a cashier and aren't doing other things such as picking up abandons, cleaning or otherwise and ASSUMING that you don't get every prick, busy mom or person in a hurry to leave the store you will be able to sell at least ONE card in a few hours.
    I think the card sales have peaked at my store long ago, now it is starting to drive away regulars and those that continue to shop here but enjoy travel miles instead of 5 cents off of every 10 bucks they spend.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    One of the girls I went through orientation with literally got bitched at on her first "cashier training session" for not pushing those bullshit REDcards.


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