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  • October 28, 2014 - target666

    One year later…

    I posted here shortly I essentially said f you to the store manager on November 1, 2013. I must say that almost a year later I am in a better place. I have since achieved my AA in accounting, am working at a government position (decent money, but at least it is a salary) and arguably the most important, have not stepped into that shithole I worked at a year ago. Target changed my life for the better. I learned that once you leave the cushy military life (at least for me it was), Target will make you humble, especially after seeing fellow co-workers suffer the same way you do. Working at this shit job made me appreciate life a little bit more. Now I am in pursuit of my BA and have a nice job. My advice: work for Target if you have a desire to be humble about life, then QUIT that bitch.

  • December 29, 2013 - target666

    I rather be jobless than work at a target

    I quit/was fired from a Target not too long ago. Not that I would put myself on a pedestal by having been a member of the military, but I have been noted for strong work ethic. I understood the b.s. of this job even though this was my first retail experience. On one Sunday night, I was told to zone Laundry/cat food area and while I’m not 27 people for 27 aisles, I’m just one person so forgive me if a customer misplaces something while my back is turned. Anyway, the store manager was walking my area with my stooge team leader and she was telling him that it doesn’t look like I’ve zoned anything whatsoever…..right in front of me. Now she had no idea I was walking towards her but that was strike 3 to leave this dismal place. The day after halloween we had our team meeting and I asked the assistant store manager if the store manager was there and when he said she wasn’t, I said that “It sucks she’s not here, because I was looking forward to telling her she can go F— herself”. The morale of the story is that I rather be jobless than work at a Target. While $8.50 per hour is not a lot in itself, I rather make LESS and be happy than make more and feel miserable. And with this breach, I’m loving it. Here’s a lesson for you Target and retail: nobody is a machine.