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  • November 19, 2012 - suckit0963

    Target is a combat zone for your sanity

    So I started out at one store as a flow team member and I was really happy and very proficient at my job. My HR and STL thought I would be a good fit for a TL so I agreed and they set me up for the interviews, however they didn’t have any openings at my store so my interviews were with another store. I happen to live in between the two stores so at the time distance was not really an option. So I went and interviewed and did extremely well on all the interviews and they offered me the job.

    I just happen to start the week before Christmas as the Consumables Team Lead and it was two weeks prior to our PFresh remodel. Oh and not to mention they hadn’t had a CTL for like 2 months or so. So first order of business was to get my department on track with all the stupid suspect date audits and then to see whats going on with the remodel. Well everything seemed to be going well and then I started back to school in January and everything just started going down hill from then on. My ETL complained because I was in School and had limited availability but yet other TL’s and TM’s were in school and never heard the ETL’s bitch because of that. I was under the impression that Target wanted you to go to school and better your self. So I got through that semester with no problem and then they wanted me to change up my school schedule so I would have different availability for closing shifts. So I changed it up. Oh and I decided to change departments on my own because the CTL job was just to stressful for me and I got looked down on for stepping up and asking for help and to change areas.