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  • December 17, 2023 - Silverfox

    Tarshit Canadian adventure still haunting them.

    Target went on an Canadian adventure and came back with a competitor that just won’t leave them alone. They are literally opening very close to Target locations. Target’s classic response is to focus on their weaknesses. Except the last time they focused on what they were weak on; groceries, Tarshit left with their tail behind their legs.

    One things is for sure Tarshit never learns from their mistakes.

  • Welp I last posted about a lady that moved from Tarshit to us after they bought the Zellers leases. She used to work in Zellers as HR. She didn’t last very long at my store ?. I’m suspecting she got hired 1st for HR and when she tried her Tarshit vibing thing she got in trouble. ALl I know is not long after she was HR she got transferred to perpetual inventory management. Managing the thing that screwed Target up in Canada lol. She lasted long enough to get her employee discount. Don’t see her anymore.  I guess no one was taking her crap xD.

  • - Silverfox

    Only Tarshit.

    Only target manages to pull this off. They left Canada with their tails behind their legs in defeat in 2015.

    Walmart probably be like omg thanks a lot. Look what you brought back from your adventures. A competitor that just won’t leave us alone.

    From what I can see, Joe Fresh owned by Loblaws expanded into the USA around the time Target ventured up north. When they left in 2015, Primark, the UK brand owned by the same family opened in Boston In 2015.

    “In 2015, Primark opened its first United States store in Downtown Crossing, Boston, in the location that was once the flagship store of Filene’s,[25] later New York City, Philadelphia, and Danbury.[26]” From Wikipedia .

    XD. Only Tarshit can manage to go adventuring and bring back a competitor they both owe money to.

  • October 3, 2021 - Silverfox

    Target Canada trying to come back?

    So Zellers is making a comeback which has me now wondering again.  Did Target got hoodwinked out of a free reno for The Bay? I mean they did slyly told Target Walmart wanted the leases too and they paid through the nose to prevent Walmart from getting it. It is sad how easily they were manipulated.

    The thing is that The Bay had teamed up with Best Buy before Target to literally keep Wal-Mart out. Best Buy opened both a Future Shop and Best Buy in the same mall. Wal-Mart had wanted the old Safeway location in the mall so they could get into our area. It was either that or the former Eatons shop space. So Zellers was moved to the old Eatons location while Best Buy took the upper floor of the now vacated space and they continued occupation of the lower level. Best buy also took control of the old Safeway to keep Wal-Mart out.

    So now I’m thinking is Target trying to make a return to Canada? The old Zellers making a comeback to keep them out? Since they have done something like that before to keep Wal-Mart out of certain markets.

    Tarshit please don’t come back. We don’t want you. No one likes you.

  • April 14, 2020 - Silverfox

    If you ain’t a

    If you aren’t employed at a super Target, quit. You shouldn’t even be working. Stay home. Non super Targets aren’t essential. Just quit and save yourself or transfer to a super Target.

  • July 2, 2018 - Silverfox

    London Drugs

    It just dawned on me why London drugs wasn’t exactly running like a headless chicken when Target decided to move up North. They were confident they had a strong loyal base.

    If you look them up on Wikipedia, they like to hire competent people who know what they are doing. And company morale is high with low turn over.

    Target on the other hand lol have this weird culture and seems to be awash in incompetent fools.

    I have a feeling they saw through Target and their hyped up image.  All bark and no bite.They were right. Target ran away after 2 years.

  • March 28, 2016 - Silverfox

    Target doesn’t know when to take a hint.

    So apparently Tarshit’s recovery plan got rejected by courts. Well Ontario courts rejected it anyways.

  • June 25, 2015 - Silverfox

    Should I be worried?

    The same HR Lady who worked at the zellers store that tarshit took the lease over from is now working in the same company I’m working for now. She probably went over to tarshit first.  Only started seeing her around after tarshit shut down in Canada.  So probably came from tarshit. Same lady that let me go originally and then told me  I wasn’t bubbly and stuff enough. I faked my personality in the interview I had with her ._.  . I guess I didn’t vibe enough?

  • April 22, 2015 - Silverfox

    Good bye Tarshit and don’t come back!

    Well Canada has just seen the last behind of Tarshit. Thank god that’s over. Ahead of schedule. Tarshit said they would close their doors by the end of May. Left with their tail behind their legs on april 12th.

    And the media aren’t giving them a tearful farewell either. They’re listing all the mistakes tarshit did over and over again. Arrogance, etc, even comments from people posting on glassdoor. Too bad they didn’t post comments from here as well.

  • just when you think tarshit couldn’t sink any lower, they surprise you.

    Somehow they made themselves a creditor in their own bankruptcy declaration. They listed both tarshit usa and their canadian property entity and owing themselves money and most likely paying themselves what they are getting out of the liquidation sale, leaving the suppliers with next to nothing at all.