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  • September 11, 2012 - Sally

    1 month and I already hate it

    Alright, so I started at the end of July as just a cashier. The cashier training went very smoothly for me and I was able to adjust quickly. My only complaint about the cash register is the speed time. They want you to be in green as much as possible because that means you are fast. Yellow means you are in the middle. Red means you are slow. The problem with their system is that it is not always your fault. Team members told me that I can suspend the transaction if the guest takes too long to pay. Suspending the transaction will avoid messing up my speed score, however, we can not always hit suspend. Sometimes a guest will slide their card, but they will take an eternity to answer the credit card questions, which ruins my speed score. Why should I be timed during a credit card payment?!?!? I kid you not when I say some guests take literally 2 full minutes to finish it. Apparently that is my fault and I’ll get a red score.

    Anyway, they started cross training me. I now work in soft lines. I thought soft lines would be less stressful than the register, but I was very very very wrong. For one, guests DESTROY soft lines constantly! Even though they destroy it, we are required to be at each table for 4 minutes or less. It does not matter how horrific or how large the table is. All Target cares about is that you finish it in 4 minutes or less. If you don’t, your supervisor will come over and be demeaning toward you.