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  • February 11, 2014 - Salem

    ETL From Hell

    As of today i was fried from Target  my ETl clame i miss 3 of my shifts but yet i check on a daily base and never saw my name for the week he clames    but let jump back to little before new years i was sleeping and got a phone call at 2am

  • to start it off i am not racist


    ok this White ETL name Joe sit there and worship any to all Black team member more Getto the more he try to be there Friends

    when i started there was a guy name Jack who we both gone to the same meet and greet crap target do to train you before hand

    but it seem the Black Getto kids are being lazy and he will just walk pass them like oh well if you stop to change something or get some water he get all up beat and upset if you try to make a joke or talk to him he get upset and act like your shit but he go up to the black getto punk and act all buddy buddy