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February 11, 2014 - Salem

ETL From Hell

As of today i was fried from Target  my ETl clame i miss 3 of my shifts but yet i check on a daily base and never saw my name for the week he clames    but let jump back to little before new years i was sleeping and got a phone call at 2am from my father that my Grandmom has pass and i told m ETL some week before i my have to leave do to her bad heath  he said just give me a head up and you be ok i had to take a LOA do to the how long i be gone as talk with HR i call in in my last week and get my work shift list but when i made the call one ofthe HR girl yelled at me and told me to get it myself  i try to say i am away but she just hang up  i got back in a day before my due date and stop by the same HR woman yelled again and clame i never told her i was away and said they mail my ETL to let him know of i am back in town  i stop by 3 days later to just get told oh you have to wait    wait wait for what?   so i did wait all they did was keep telling me to come back later  so i waited and called when he was in and talk to him myself  he said yes yes i put you on the next time shfit opening’

so i wait and came in just to find it full with out my name now i am piss but i saw the next one did so i waited again now it today i came in he acted like notting was wrong  just to find out 30 min before my shift ended i was fired as he fired me he had  grin on his face




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  • TargetGrunt says:

    To paraphrase OP:

    As of today I was fired from Target. My ETL claims I missed 3 of my shifts, yet I check on a daily basis and never saw my name scheduled for the week in question. But let me jump back to a little before New Years; I was sleeping and got a phone call at 2am from my father informing me that my grandmother had passed away. I told my ETL some time before that I may have to leave due to her bad health. He said "just give me a heads up and you'll be okay." I had to take a LOA due to how long I was going to be gone. I called in the last week of my time off to get my new schedule, but the girl in HR yelled at me and told me to get it myself. When I tried to tell her that I was away she simply hung up. I got back into town a day before my return date and stopped by HR, who claimed that I never told them I was leaving. She then emailed my ETL to let him know that I was back in town. I stopped by 3 days later only to be told "oh, you have to wait." Wait? Wait for what? No matter how much I waited, they kept telling me to come back later. After a while I called and spoke to my ETL directly, who said "yes, yes, I put you on the next opening shift."

    When I came for my shift I saw my name was not on the schedule. I was pissed, but I waited to see the next schedule. Today I came in and my ETL acted like nothing was wrong, only to find out 30 minutes before my shift ended that I was fired. He had a grin on his face as he was firing me.

    Hopefully that's a little more... coherent.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Holy fuckballs, Salem. You're seriously wondering why they "fried" you? Look at your goddamn post if there is ANY question still remaining in your mind (assuming you actually have one). Maybe ask one of your family members who DIDN'T arrive here as cargo and who actually speak ENGLISH to read your post. If they give you a look like they just shit their pants, then you'll know exactly how the rest of us looked when we read your stupid fucking post.

    I realize that America has no "national language", but holy shit, you're on an English-speaking blog, babbling about...well, fuck, I really have no fucking clue what you're babbling about. It's like you were so upset about your stupid Target experience that your hands were too busy holding Kleenex to your eyes and you just typed with your fucking elbows. It was either that, or you constantly wear fucking OVEN MITTS because NONE OF YOUR SHIT MADE ANY SENSE.

    I did, however, make out among your garbled bullshit that you have a due date. I am seriously praying that you're talking about your library fees, because if you're talking about a baby, that kid is fucking DOOMED.

    If you raise your kid to be even 1% as big of a fucking ass hat as you are, then I'm sorry to say that your kid's going to be the epicenter of a whole new realm of bullying in school, one of the likes we've never fucking seen.

    I'll tell you why your ETL and HR hated you--because you're a dumb fucking immigrant who never bothered to speak the language that most Americans fucking speak. And then you applied for a job as a retail sales associate--selling merchandise to primarily ENGLISH-SPEAKING customers.

    Please do the world a favor when you have your child and give it up for adoption before that poor little fucker is screwed to end up just as stupid as you. FUCK.

  • Hate_Me says:

    I'm not finished yet. Your post is just too fucking stupid to reply to only once. Your HR hung up on you because here in America, we're fucking tired of having to talk on the phone to someone who doesn't speak fucking English. When we call tech support, say, we're asked to press "1" for English. Then we're transferred to some fuck stick who doesn't even speak English. So the entire country of America hates you, and you should seriously just hop back on that ship of bananas that you arrived here on and fuck off.

    Secondly, no one gives a shit that your grandma died and you supposedly took an LOA. LOA's have to be applied for and approved explicitly, and 99% of me is doubting that you could even read the fucking instructions, much less, fill one out. They were probably happy as clams while you were gone. "Oh, thank God...the brownie left. Here's two weeks where we don't have to fucking repeat ourselves fifty thousand fucking times." So when you came back, they were like "Fuck..." No one wants a dipshit like you representing their company--or their store. People like you who never bothered to learn proper English just come off as lazy fucktards to the rest of us who actually belong here.

    Take your work visa and go back home where you can cluck-cluck-tick-tick-mookie-mookie-guk to all of your friends about what assholes Americans are. PLEASE. Then none of them will ever fucking come here again.

    I would be more than happy to provide you with adoption agencies' phone numbers so you can give that poor kid a fucking chance without a most-likely cross-eyed mother making his life an embarrassment.

    I lost my train of thought...
    Oh yeah, your dead grandma. Look, toots, too many Americans have already used the "dead grandma" excuse to miss work. We all have like fifty "grandmas" by the end of our lives, whom have all died in various different ways. You live in a culture where we know that old people fucking die, and we go through their pockets for loose change and movie tickets. Maybe in your culture (in R****d-land), a grandparent dying is something to give a shit about. Here, we call it, "Did she have a will??"

    So you got "fried" from Target because you're a waste of space here in America. I can get you the dossier of all the cargo ships leaving the U.S. and you can hop on board as soon as you like.


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