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  • February 6, 2013 - overwhelmingstupidity

    New GSA is a 27-yr-old HS dropout

    You guys have no idea how happy I am to find you. I’m from a store just north of Dallas.


    My store recently promoted a random softlines chick to GSA, passing over a guest services guy who has been at the store for years and busted his ass for the position. ┬áHe’s my buddy, and though I don’t understand why he wants that horrible job, I still feel bad for him. He raged pretty hard when he found out about this idiot.


    This chick is monumentally stupid. She grew up in the circus (no lie) and was home schooled, so she was still a “senior” when she was 23. She never finished HS or got a GED. Her parents are still in the circus or something because she goes on leave twice a year with them to do magic or something – she’s gone for part of the summer and from October through January. So they hired some chick who’s never even worked Christmas or Black Friday as a GSA. WTF.