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February 6, 2013 - overwhelmingstupidity

New GSA is a 27-yr-old HS dropout

You guys have no idea how happy I am to find you. I’m from a store just north of Dallas.


My store recently promoted a random softlines chick to GSA, passing over a guest services guy who has been at the store for years and busted his ass for the position.  He’s my buddy, and though I don’t understand why he wants that horrible job, I still feel bad for him. He raged pretty hard when he found out about this idiot.


This chick is monumentally stupid. She grew up in the circus (no lie) and was home schooled, so she was still a “senior” when she was 23. She never finished HS or got a GED. Her parents are still in the circus or something because she goes on leave twice a year with them to do magic or something – she’s gone for part of the summer and from October through January. So they hired some chick who’s never even worked Christmas or Black Friday as a GSA. WTF.


Why would they do this? Simple! Her sister is a hardlines team lead, and everybody freaking loves her. Of course, that means she’s had tons of the kool-aid and is a mean, two-faced clique bitch. Because dropout can’t take care of herself, she lives with her team lead sister, and I guess her sister wants her to make more money or something so she can actually pay for her bills.


And let me tell you, ever since this moron got promoted she has been a real bitch. She times all of the cashiers’ lunches and breaks, and yelled at this one new girl in front of a ton of people because she had gone a whole minute long on her fifteen. I’ve seen her miscount money several times, and when she is confused she goes full r****d. And she’s my boss.


The only good part about all of this is that they’ve managed to royally piss off the chick in electronics, who use to be dropout’s roommate, and so she’s telling EVERYONE all their secrets – like dropout was a virgin until she banged some random dude at an anime convention last year (unprotected), the credits dropout is missing include math (but hey, put her in charge of the money, right?), the HLTL talks shit about EVERYONE and tells her friends “confidential” stuff, and my personal favorite, dropout’s best hobby is writing GAY PORN ABOUT THE AVENGERS, DOCTOR WHO AND THE BBC SHERLOCK. 50 Shades of Tardis Blue. Lokie Does Dallas.


BTW, the managers all know dropout is a dropout. They’ve been menacing anyone they can to not talk about it.






  • Jonestown says:

    hahaha ... it's who you know or who you blow at Target.

  • Angry_Bastard says:

    Being a dropout isn't red flag enough, she writes fan-fiction. Ugh....

  • Technoknight says:

    Well its the new "normal" in working in America. I seen it many years through various companies. The more incompetent you are, the more likely you will be promoted and have job security. I agree with Jonestown, kissing and blowing also helps to a degree but once you show desire, passion, and some form of intelligence, you will become a Target.

  • targetbendsmeover says:

    GAY PORN ABOUT THE AVENGERS eeeewwww that is sick

  • bestdayever says:

    First off, I feel like you're kind of hung up on the whole highschool drop out thing. I've known plenty of high school drop outs, high school graduates, college students and people with various college degrees all working at Target. In my experience, I would have much rather been working for a highschool drop out than ANY of our ETL's that acted like they were cool shit because they just got got their Bachelor's degree less than 6 months ago. Never mind the fact that their degree is in liberal arts, criminal justice or American history, by God they are better than everyone else because they're an ETL. Who cares if that guy working in electronics has dual Master's degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Chemistry, they went to Target business college for 6 weeks so that makes them better than you.
    Oh look at that, I got sidetracked lol!

    In summary, the chick sounds like an asshole, but you also look kind of like an asshole for focusing on the highschool drop out thing. You could have gotten your point across with more effectiveness had you not appeared to be so strung up on the one thing that doesn't really matter.

    Good luck to you though...

  • randi0758 says:

    The same thing is happening to me. I would care but I really need the extra money.. So I have worked at my target for almost 2 years. I started on the re model and got hired on as guest service. I've been waiting fire them to post the gsa position for 2 weeks now but I doubt they are going to give it to me because this Bitch that started in November picks up the etls soon from school and they are all buddy buddy. Its not fair. She hadn't even been there 90 days. She is rude to everyone, employees and guests, and she doesn't even know guest service let alone be able to run the front. I can do everything. Guest service cashier target cafe Pog team price change foutre team electronics.. Everything except market and backroom.. Anyways. I'm peed because ives complained about how rude she is and I got interrupted with them saying "oh we ALLLLLL LOVE Annie" wtf. They already trained her for the position before it was posted and they looted to my rebrand said they didn't have that position poem. I'm a good worker. I'm NEVER late and in 22 months I've NEVER called in. Thus Bitch has been late 4 times that I know of and has even brought her kids to work. Small kids like ages 3 and 6. I've talked to my soiree manager about her picking up theetls soon and his response was "so what's your point?" my point is this is supposed to be an equal opportunity work place and that's conflict of interest. I told him if he didn't fix the situation I was going to get a lawyer. I'll probably be fired soon..

  • randi0758 says:

    ^bare with me. I'm not retarde d just my auto correct on this spud phone sucks.. Lol sorry that my last comment is so hard to read

  • randi0758 says:

    I'm gonna kill my phone it's sucks almost as badas target does lol.. I had my interview for gsa today and I haven't been fired.. Yet..


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