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  • January 1, 2014 - mxmom60


    I have a close family member that works at Target. YESTERDAY-

    Back room, pulling dollar spot items that never made it out for the holidays. PULLED TAGGED AND SALVAGED!!! TONS OF BRAND NEW ITEMS!!! Pencils, glasses, books, food- you name it-it was in there. GARBAGE COMPACTOR was its final resting place. NOT SALVATION ARMY, NOT HOMELESS SHELTER-NOTHING FOR THE NEEDY. This sickens my family member so much. When management was asked WHY not donate it? Answer was-CORPORATE DOESNT LET US. ALSO how about those cleaning people who just throw away all those things that go into the recycle bin out front for customers-right into the compactor!!! OR ALL THE FOOD THAT DOESNT EVER MAKE IT OUT ONTO THE FLOOR FOR PURCHASE THAT SITS IN BACK, EXPIRES, AND GETS TOSSED-YA YOU GUESSED IT TRASH COMPACTOR. CAN WE ALL SAY STORE MISS MANAGED???? Sad thing about it-its been that way for about 6 years now. Maybe the new manager will whip the high school drama club into shape, or just join it like the past managers. West Jordan, Utah