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  • January 29, 2015 - LSandeul

    Stressed and Tired PA

    I really need to vent or I’m going to go insane. I’ve worked for Target for a little over 3 years. I started out in a seasonal salesfloor position and have slowly been taking on more responsibility over the years. I became a team trainer, learned the ropes at guest service(showed up to work with an injured foot and could only stand, so I learned), worked for a bit in electronics without being officially cross trained, and eventually made my way to the PFresh team. I was forced into the department so they could fire a girl that was working over there. No one ever told me that specifically, but I’m not dumb. It’s easier to hire a new TM for the salfesfloor an move one of the hardest workers in the store to a struggling department. The old perishable assistant at my store really sucked. He never got anything done, and the tasks that did get done were always half-assed. I practically was doing his job for him. He quit last summer, and it was only natural that I take over the department. Our market team is small. It was only myself and another guy in the department, but I figured out a way to make things work. Within the first month of taking over Pfresh/Market, we saw sales increase and our our department scores sky rocketed. I was really zealous about the fresh start. I reorganized and cleaned our work center from top to bottom, total overhaul. I won’t take complete credit. The other guy, my right hand man, was such a big support and helped me out so much. I don’t think there is a way to thank him enough. Things were on track and looking good anyway. It was an exciting time┬áto be working at Target.