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  • December 13, 2014 - iquit2014

    A bunch of liars

    Okay, so I applied at Target to get a little extra money for the holidays. BIG MISTAKE. I applied and put my availability. I have another job that requires me to be on call during certain hours but it’s only one week a month. I asked the team leader if they could work around it and he said yeah, that it was no problem. I had my schedule for November and December and gave them both to him that day. I also gave that to the second team leader who interviewed me for my second interview. AND AFTER MY ORIENTATION. Well wouldn’t you know by the time November shift comes around they fucked it up. My aunt who was in HR fixed it for me but told me next time put a note in the idiots mailbox there. I did. She checked and the note was STILL THERE. HADN’T EVEN BEEN LOOKED AT. They did the exact thing for December but I didn’t care at that point. I just left early when it was time for me to be on call.