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  • I found this site while seeking whether it was possible to speak to Targets higher ups about what happened to me the day before yesterday when I got fired, I feel quite unfairly. I realize after a bit of research that there’s probably not a damn thing I can do about it … So I will tell my story here.

    I moved here to Camarillo Ca. approximately 3 months ago to move in with my girlfriend … We knew it was going to be tough and would all rely on how quickly I was able to get a job. I was here for 2 days before getting down to it and spent weeks filling out online applications and hitting the pavement to all the local places here that I could realisticly seek employment with as I do not drive. after sending out approximately 100 Resume/applications and going through alot of painstaking processes … I finally got a call from Target.

    I had applied online for the only existing position they had open which was “Flow”. I got called in for an interview upon which I was asked if I would be available for any other positions as they thought they might have the flow position filled … I said yes of course, that I didn’t need a particular position, I simply needed a job. Over the course of the next 2 days I was givien two more interviews, a 4 hour orientation and was given a position as “Signing TM” which I thought was a nice fit concidering I’ve worked at several sign shops in the past actually MAKING signs and now I would be installing signage. I was excited about it anyway. After going through the Drug Test and Background check I was told that I would be Training at another store in “Simi Valley” which is 45 minutes away … this was an extreme hardship for me and mine as like I said I don’t drive. My girlfriend ended up having to get up at 4am to drive me 45 minutes to simi valley to be to work by 6am … then back home … then back to simi to pick me up at 2pm when my shift ended for 5 days in a row … I had to borrow $100 from a friend (My only existing favor) just for the gas to do this and even that didn’t cover it, all because (as it turns out) my boss was too lazy to train me herself.