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August 2, 2012 - Hennessey

Hard worker … fired from target after a month

I found this site while seeking whether it was possible to speak to Targets higher ups about what happened to me the day before yesterday when I got fired, I feel quite unfairly. I realize after a bit of research that there’s probably not a damn thing I can do about it … So I will tell my story here.

I moved here to Camarillo Ca. approximately 3 months ago to move in with my girlfriend … We knew it was going to be tough and would all rely on how quickly I was able to get a job. I was here for 2 days before getting down to it and spent weeks filling out online applications and hitting the pavement to all the local places here that I could realisticly seek employment with as I do not drive. after sending out approximately 100 Resume/applications and going through alot of painstaking processes … I finally got a call from Target.

I had applied online for the only existing position they had open which was “Flow”. I got called in for an interview upon which I was asked if I would be available for any other positions as they thought they might have the flow position filled … I said yes of course, that I didn’t need a particular position, I simply needed a job. Over the course of the next 2 days I was givien two more interviews, a 4 hour orientation and was given a position as “Signing TM” which I thought was a nice fit concidering I’ve worked at several sign shops in the past actually MAKING signs and now I would be installing signage. I was excited about it anyway. After going through the Drug Test and Background check I was told that I would be Training at another store in “Simi Valley” which is 45 minutes away … this was an extreme hardship for me and mine as like I said I don’t drive. My girlfriend ended up having to get up at 4am to drive me 45 minutes to simi valley to be to work by 6am … then back home … then back to simi to pick me up at 2pm when my shift ended for 5 days in a row … I had to borrow $100 from a friend (My only existing favor) just for the gas to do this and even that didn’t cover it, all because (as it turns out) my boss was too lazy to train me herself.

During this week of “Training” I was giving an intense amount of verbal information, yet very little actual hands on training, I took notes but it became obvious to me quickly (even by their own words) that this would be a “Learn as you go” experience. I was not in the Target system at this time and was told that at the end of the week I could fill out “Punch Correction” forms to make up for not being able to clock in. On that Friday, I filled out 5 forms which my trainer immediately signed and I was sent on my way to work at my own store in camarillo the following monday.

Come Monday I was excited and ready to go, I’m the kind of person who’s on time and expects to work hard when I’m on the clock, I don’t screw around, I’m a very good employee, of this I’m sure. Upon arriving I was told my boss was going to be late and to just start putting up the signage for the Mens section which was transitioning. So I drug all the signage out there and was told by a lady that I was supposed to “Listen” to where the signage was supposed to go … one problem … I had just helped install the same signage at the training store, and what the lady was telling me was completely wrong … after a half hour explaining this … it was finally figured out that I was right and that it was a good thing that I didn’t just follow blindly … after this I was told to simply help the “Plano” team raise a gondola and stock it for back to school which I happily did. The next day I was told by my boss to “Get familiar” with my fixture room and organize it however I liked and hang up what signage I could … no training, no nothin … I didn’t even know what the terms hardlines, softlines etc. even meant … I was simply being thrown to the wolves and left to fend for myself so I decided to change my tune and not rely on being trained and took to figuring everything out myself the best I could … and I was succeeding.

at the end of the first week in my own store, I was pulled into a managers office and put on compliance because I had filled out the punch correction sheets wrong from my week of training … My trainer had always waited until right before the 5th hour to clock out … I went to lunch with her everyday … upon filling out the forms I didn’t realize that even though we went to lunch at 11am … I was supposed to be writing 10:59am so as not to hit my 5th … I wrote 11:00am on each of the 5 days thinking I was doing the right thing, I’ve never used a time clock, I was unfamiliar with the whole punch correction sheet thing … I wrongly assumed if I was doing something wrong that my “Trainer” would tell me … No, she just signed the paper and sent me to my doom. After being reprimanded, I came in early the next day and pulled my boss aside to talk, I’d been up all night with no sleep worrying about my job … she laughed it off and told me I was fine and not to worry about my job, just not to do it again. So I didn’t (of course it’s easier when you’re actually in the time clock system).

The next 2 weeks consisted of me working my butt off and doing my job … I was pulled in a couple more times to be grilled about the same punch correction issue from the first week, signed a couple papers and thought I was done with it. Monday, 2 days ago I went in and worked my shift and 5 minutes before I was off I was called to the back again where I met a new lady I’ve never seen before who brought up the timeclock issue yet again and made me explain it … then she told me that I’d falsified legal documents and they’d probably be letting me go but her boss wanted to talk to me first … I was devastated and made to wait for this woman for near an hour … she never came … she sent someone back to tell me that I could pick up my last check the next day.

I’ve been through some awful things in my life that I’ve overcome … I really needed this job. All I wanted to do was work hard and be good at what I did and I was never even given a chance … I’m at a loss of what to do, this just destroyed me. I’ve never in my life been fired and have always exceeded the expectations of my employers … I just don’t understand how this could happen and the aftermath of it is destroying my life … I just want someone to know.



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  • TargetSucks says:

    Talk to a lawyer! It sounds like they forced you to falsify documents and then wrongfully terminated you because of it.

  • Hate_Me says:

    Don't feel bad about being fired from Target. That place rose up from the fiery bowels of Hell, and is just a beacon of hopelessness in the Big Box industry. Sounds like you worked your ass off for absolutely nothing though, so I'm sorry that this happened to you. I agree with the man, the myth, the legend (TargetSucks) though; contact a lawyer. The fact that your team lead in the other store was signing off on your time sheets meant that she was giving you the managerial approval that you needed to submit the paperwork. If anyone's ass should be on the line, it should be hers. I'd talk to a lawyer, for sure.

  • Hennessey says:

    Appreciate the feedback. I don't really feel bad about being fired from Target, I could tell from the get go that it would be a pile of crap to wade around in. But I was in serious need of this job and was thankful they called cause no one else is ... afraid I'm just a grunt as far as the job market is concerned even though I've had alot of experience in Management and Computer graphics and many other self-taught skills ... on paper I'm worthless turd floating in a gigantic bowl of many turds. I don't mind being a grunt, I simply need some income to get out of this hole I've been for a few years. I will see if I can find a lawyer who's interested in taking it on pro bono but I don't hold hold my breath ... I'm starting my life over from scratch and don't have a pot to piss in ... (is it me or have I just made way to many toilet referances?) Anyway, appreciate your site and your words. I'm presently in the process of having all my family and friends boycott the shithole for nothing more than spite. Not that it will make a differance ... more of a self-serving endeavour ... hell, their prices suck ass anyway compared to CVS (even with a 10% discount) ... and ontop of that ... they sold my girlfriend Moldy fucking cheese for christ sake!

  • dogsrme says:

    OMG, that is absolutely horrid and sounds exactly like what slide I was on after only being there one week. Don't see my post listed yet, but I could feel the wheels in motion to let the problem person (me) go. I'm a hard worker with a good attitude as well. I cut the strings before they could do it to me I'm pretty sure.

    Here's to better things.


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