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  • December 16, 2020 - fuckthisjob

    quitting after a month

    Hi, I just really need to rant out loud here. I was hired as a seasonal barista, I like my coworkers well enough but it was clear to me from Day One that management was a shit show.

    There is no cafe lead, they had a cafe lead but she stopped showing up after a week. Including me, there are only 5 workers, and after this week there will be only 4 (and one of them only works on weekends) everyone does NOT want to work there, the job is easy enough but there’s just NO coverage!! I called out one day because I needed to take a covid test and when I came in the next day I found out my coworker had to work a 13 hr shit bc…NO FUCKING COVERAGE!! No one to switch shifts with, they ignored my preferred hours and scheduled me way too much, it doesn’t make any fucking sense. On my second week, they told my coworker to unload a truck for her shift; so I was alone for 4 hours. Another coworker went without any breaks for the duration of her 7 hr shift and when she told a team lead they just laughed and walked away.