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December 16, 2020 - fuckthisjob

quitting after a month

Hi, I just really need to rant out loud here. I was hired as a seasonal barista, I like my coworkers well enough but it was clear to me from Day One that management was a shit show.

There is no cafe lead, they had a cafe lead but she stopped showing up after a week. Including me, there are only 5 workers, and after this week there will be only 4 (and one of them only works on weekends) everyone does NOT want to work there, the job is easy enough but there’s just NO coverage!! I called out one day because I needed to take a covid test and when I came in the next day I found out my coworker had to work a 13 hr shit bc…NO FUCKING COVERAGE!! No one to switch shifts with, they ignored my preferred hours and scheduled me way too much, it doesn’t make any fucking sense. On my second week, they told my coworker to unload a truck for her shift; so I was alone for 4 hours. Another coworker went without any breaks for the duration of her 7 hr shift and when she told a team lead they just laughed and walked away.

The same team lead came up to us and said some bullshit about how she was “in charge of the Starbucks brand” and how we needed to be nice and more “urgent” around coworkers just as if they were customers. ??? WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN, she works in an entirely different part of the store why are you talking to me about this??

Every one of my coworkers wants to leave. and every time shit happens they look at me and say “I see why you’re leaving” Retails just sucks the soul from you, I should have been more prepared for that.

I have no idea how management is structured and when I ask my coworkers they have no idea either. There is no store manager right now, all the leads and ETL (whatever tf an “etl” even is) just stand around and gossip. All I hear is “management is terrible here”

No, this isn’t the worst-case scenario but I know it could become that…after this week I’ll be done and I’ve never felt so free.


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  • Donotworkattarshit says:

    I don't blame ya for quitting. Tarshit is one hell of shit show. Management couldn't manage to save their lives. All the care about is the money not the people. If they cared about the people then people wouldn't quit so damn much.

  • Silverfox says:

    This is why they failed miserably in Canada

  • Tarbucks Slave No More says:

    This sounds like my experience as a Tarbucks-cafe employee! They had no Tarbucks/Food Ave lead after the TL suffered a concussion, leaving the Market ETL to be the only one over us in addition to literally everything else he was responsible for. They had absolutely none of their shit together, put us under hella stress, and then were pissed when we had to take mental health days (though I didn't dare tell them that's what it was, I always told them I was legit sick) because they had nobody to cover. Maybe schedule enough people so that we're not in over our heads and actually don't dread coming into work every day?


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