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  • March 25, 2015 - elephantine93

    Back on my probationary

    Normally, I clock in at 11 pm, and take my lunch at 3:59 am. For some reason, I clocked in at 10:59, and unknowingly, hit my 5th at 3:59. I’m never late, I never call off, haven’t had any no call, no shows. My fucking etl looked past all of that, and still made me sign a paper. If this only affects my ability to transfer, I don’t care. If I lose hours, I’m going to be heated. I could understand for a no call, no show, or even if i am an employee who doesn’t do his job. But I work my ass off for them, 5 nights a week. I know I can’t change this, but a warning seems more in line. They really willing to give me probation for this, and if I do it again, I’m fired. Wow, fuck target lol.