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  • August 6, 2012 - cromeg

    Still being treated unfairly

    I posted a few months back with my Target management team treating me unfairly with my pregnancy. Unfortunately I haven’t quit yet, just because of that small extra income that comes in handy and it’s hard for someone who’s far along in their pregnancy to get a job.

    Anyway. So the unfairness has continued. I understand the whole “Getting pregnant was a choice so you have to be treated just like everyone else”. The thing is, the last Target I worked at, and the Target that a friend of mine works at treats their pregnant team members with a bit more respect. My hours have still been cut drastically. I was told I was not allowed to sit at all at my checklane. No stool/chair/whatever. I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant. The funny thing? Some girl stubbed her toe the other day at work and she got to sit at a chair the remainder of her shift. Because that totally makes sense.

    I’ve also been trying to transfer stores. That maybe this store just isn’t the one for me. I live in Virginia and the store I work at is on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay, maybe about a 15 mile drive from my house. There is only one way to get from where I live to where this store is, and it’s a bridge-tunnel. There is a store closer to me, in fact right down the road. The 15 mile drive to the store I work at now wouldn’t be that much of an issue if I wasn’t stuck in bumper to bumper stand still traffic on a bridge in the middle of the ocean for 1-2 hours during my commute to work. I’ve expressed my concerns with my third trimester now in effect, that I’d rather not be stuck in traffic going to and from work with the possibility of going into labor or something (mind you, I have to go to a Naval Hospital which is another traffic filled 30 mile drive from the store I work at).  They tell me time and time again that they’ll contact the other store but nothing happens. I get on their case. I bring it up every time I’m in. And they tell me that they’re waiting on a response from the other store. I went to the other store not long ago and they said they haven’t heard anything yet.

    Do I quit and possibly not be able to find another job until after my son arrives? Or do I stay and be miserable and possibly put myself into some sort of stress which is obviously not healthy for me or my child?

  • April 19, 2012 - cromeg

    Just drained.

    I’m honestly about ready to quit this crap job.

    I loved the former store I worked at, but after transferring to one on the other side of the country, I’m just not happy. Everyone treats me like I’m an actual new hire and I have no idea what my job is, even if I repeat myself over and over that I’ve been with this stupid store for two years. I’m trained in hardlines, guest service, and electronics. But you know where they put me day in and day out? Cashiering. They won’t even CONSIDER promoting me to GSTL/GSA. I’ve been there for 2 years but every GSA that I work for has been there less time than me, and they were hired these positions as new hires. It’s literally impossible to move up.

    Not to mention, in February I found out I am pregnant. The week I found out, they called me and I (unfortunately) answered. They tried to get me in as a cart attendant shift. I’ve never worked as a cart attendant, and I told them I didn’t feel comfortable doing that shift. They harassed me and asked me over why I couldn’t come in and I flat out told them that I had just found out I was pregnant. I went from working 20-30 hours a week to 9. Even no hours a week after that. After I bitched about it to them, I finally got 30 hours again. The next week? 14 hours. I’ve been having a really complicated pregnancy so far, and I’m constantly sick and in and out of the hospital on days when I’m not working. Today I was supposed to work 4-11 and I’ve had the stomach flu and a high fever the past two days, but I went in and sucked it up because they’ve been letting people go for “poor attendance”. So I figured that maybe making an effort would be a good impression. Nope. My GSTL told me to talk to the LOD about going home and let’s just say the LOD was not pleased, at all. He told me that going home early was the same as “calling out” so I have a feeling I have a coaching when I go back in later this week.

    They know I’m pregnant. They know things have been rough for me. Yet they show no remorse. They don’t care when I’m in the bathroom every 10 minutes puking or gagging or dry heaving or whatever.

    I’d rather just not work or find a new job than be here. Two years is two years too many. I’m fed up.