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  • July 21, 2015 - Channing1976

    MyDevice sucks!!

    They need to get rid of those Mydevice’s. They are useless as the Lod’s and employees. They dont work, the wifi never works, the batteries on them dont last, you always have to charge them every few hours, they shouldve had chargeable batteries with them. Whoever came up with this idea is stupid and needs to be shot!!!

  • The Target in Hackensack is a terrible place to work at!! One Lod’s name is John and he’s an asshole! He thinks his shit dont stink!! He times ppl when they go on breaks and if your 1 min late coming back he’ll confront you. I believe he’s acting out like this is because he needs to get laid!!! The store changed it’s over night crew from 10pm-7am with truck coming at 10pm to 4am-12pm with truck coming at 4am now!! Everyone is scattered all over the place with shit all over the salesfloor when store opens up at 8am. ¬†Also, there’s never any equipment to work with when you come in to start your shift and your suppose to sign the guns and walkies out! Then John gets on everyone’s cases about signing the equipment out. How the fuck you going to sign them out when there’s nothing there??? Use the brain god gave you god dammit!!! Stupid ass ppl!!! The store should burn to the ground!