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June 14, 2014 - vmj11

Vibe moments

Ok just wanted to start off saying Target is an nice place to shop but not such a nice place to work. Is anyone experiencing these “vibe” moments at your store? Well what I mean is at my store they are wipping the guest but left and right. For example a week ago at my register we had to change prices for guest that were originally 49.99 to 19.99 cause the guest said it was in the wrong spot. We had to do that for 2 people in a row. They call it vibing yeah right. I had an strong feeling the guest moved signs around so they get the good price. Another vibing experience was yesterday at my register a quest had 19 coupons for 19 exact same items & I tell her I can’t except these our manufacturer coupons limit 4 per an item per day per guest ect she than tells me oh guest service does it all the time. My bs meater went off in my head so I told I would call my supervisor over. Well our one ETL came over & I explained the situation. Well the ETL tells her yeah I’m going to take these coupons but next time we won’t be able to. Well my ETL took off about $37.00. I said something to our HRETL &STL & they were like of ap is watching & oh our vocus is vibeing with the guest. Another incident happend today when a person had a baby registry coupon for the items they didn’t get on their registry. Well the guest tried to use the coupon even though she didn’t have the items that were on her registry & low & behold vibe with guest STL & ETL gave her her coupon. It drives me crazy because the guest are really taking advantage of our store. It’s really frustrating. Wondering if any of you were experiencing this as well? Thank you for comments :0)


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  • edge says:

    Haha yeah I'm a cashier for a year now and I've learned to give up fighting the coupon people unless they were obviously fake (fake like obviously copied and pasted text ect). They always give the guests the coupons because retail lives on the motto "the guest is always right (no matter if it's obviously wrong)". Happens all the time.

  • Junip says:

    I'm sick of this Vibe shit.

    1. We are now holding things for up to a week! The back room is full of furniture, TV's, and patio shit that have hold stickers that say hold for one week and then some idiot wrote VIBE!!!! on each one.

    2. Guests can come to electronics with any size order. I usually say a limit of 10 items because all I have is the hand scanner and bagging all the stuff becomes problematic. Now we can refuse no one. If we have no guests, they send us orders from the front lanes!

    3. Accept all coupons! We are required to accept all coupons and not question anyone. Expired? Accept it! Too many? Accept it!

    • Silverfox says:

      that's because they are trying to compete with competitors. Their competitors doesn't have a limit on coupons and are capitalizing on it

  • viciousdave says:

    Same for me. I've been a cashier for 6 years at Target. Right now they've told me also, to get over the breach and along with being the most friendly store, we are now accepting any coupon even if they don't have the item of the coupon bought, if it's expired, and even if it runs up an invalid # pop up. Sometimes an ETL or the big boss or a more smarter GSTL comes though and says, no way, we accept all coupons but invalid means it is not acceptable as it is a misprint done by a scaming website. Which it really is, I learned that in retail business school college I took online a long time ago. Target doesn't want to make money, with them losing that much money, if they keep doing it for the next 10 years at all stores, they will have to fire many employees or enter bankruptcy for there extreme item money loss. I even had a Asian person, all Asian people in my area are coupon whores. Gave me 4 target and 4 manufacture just like the original rules before the accept all plan. Luckilly they all instantly accepted, but for 4 hair soap at 3.99 each times 4, she only had to pay 1.39 after all of her coupons! WTF? Target will go bankrupt if they keep this up over the next 10 years.

    • Silverfox says:

      who cares, they already lost nearly 1billion in canada. What's a couple more million to top it up to 1 billion even?


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