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  • June 2, 2013 - greebbeast

    A reminder of failure

    So here’s my target horror story before I go any further let me tell where I am with targay now. I work 36 hours a week not bad for most people but I’m scheduled to work like 12 hour days its horrible :P. I started in 2009 after high school, parents taught me hard work goes a long way and I needed money for school well so far my first year wasn’t so bad the ETLs were nice and actually worked and worked with the employes as well not bad either considering our store jut opened for the Christmas season. Well around 2010 2011 I decided to try to enlist in the Air Force so I could serve my country and even make a little money for school. Long story on that but the medical officer who was an ASSHOLE disqualified me for a dignosis that was already cleared I was angry sad ect but at that point decided to go back to school. As of now most of the new ETLSdont do shit promote dipshits and always take the side of the “guests” he’ll they could say I showed them my cock and the ETLS would believe them. As of now most of my friends have graduated college and have degrees and some are serving in the military like I wanted to. Me I’m stuck in a shit job still a freshman/sophomore in college, my dad says I should jut finish school and try to go into ROTC but stay at target. If he only knew what that place is like. Everyday I go there it’s a constant reminder of failure and disappointment, drives me to want to drink and I have never taken a sip of alcohol. Those guests just make it worse too the soccer moms with holier than thou attitudes me the cock husbands who walk around like their the shit cause they got a trophy wife PSH kiss my ass