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  • April 20, 2021 - AnonymousBadExperiences

    Target and the proper Covid-19 Guidelines

    Apologies if the Google preview is misleading.  I’m paranoid about it, as well as my sarcasm.

    I worked for a location that was getting worse with each year.  Also, I have years of experience working there, but they’re gonna reach Amazon levels of bad soon.

    I noticed over time that Target is deciding not to follow state guidelines anymore.  The store capacity shrank for the first part of Covid.  People stood outside and we called them in.  Magically, the capacity increased by a fair margin, despite restrictions for the area pretty much staying in place.  I texted someone who knew what happened.  They said the capacity should be ~1/3rd lower than it’s currently at.  Yes, I did look at the store capacity sheet and the store capacities are pretty much outright lies for most, if not all of them that I saw.  Target lifted the restrictions on some *beverage-related* parts of the store being on an “after you shop” basis.  We still have the signs saying not to drink or eat in the store and state restricted guidelines on it posted.