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  • February 7, 2015 - targetisbs


    Oh target where do I even start with this awful hatrid. It is now to the point where I dread work and my 50 cent raise above minimum wage doesn’t do jack squat anymore. It all starts when I walk into the office before my shift to get a locker. I open one and it’s full of tuperware, I open another and it has a lunch box. Really?? Is it THAT hard you can’t possibly dig out a quarter and lock your fucking locker? There is a goddammed fridge for a reason also. I then hang up my jacket, which there really is no point because by the end of my shift its always on the floor anyways knocked off by employees who leave it there. I then attempt to punch in and let it beep at me for five hours and then walk onto the floor as cashier. I check to see what lane I’m on and set up my register with the 2 ten dollar bills they give you which run out after one “guest”. I hang my flimsy ass bags that never fail to stick together and end up all over the floor. Before I even have a chance to turn on my lane light I already have a line of people waiting to be checked out screaming “Are you open???” understaffed again I see. I mumble yes, and they start to unload their cart with mulitple of the same item that they will try and use their fake fraudulent $20 dollar off coupons for razors that don’t even match their item.

  • September 22, 2014 - cashier

    First Job the Worst Job?

    I started cashiering at my Target store back in January of ’14. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just knew I had to start somewhere in this rat race. I was hired a few weeks after being sent home from a failed attempt at joining the military. Long story short I couldn’t complete boot because of physical and mental health issues. So I was already not very happy when I was hired. Embedded in my head was not to be a “dirty civillian” and a month later there I am.

    No one really trained me, I just read the cashiering book and I was pretty much set. Several weeks later I didn’t feel any less worse about myself. Then it became months. Then about half a year I got my review.