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  • November 19, 2010 - velvet112

    Their Philosophy Better Late Than Never

    I received a $50 gift card from my mom and dad for my 30th Birthday. So I go online and place my order because the closest Target is over and hour away and as you moms know it is hard to shop in the store for your self when you have kids in tow. So I go online on Thursday Nov 11th and place my order. When I placed my order all items were available. Now one item is on back order and as of today my other items have not shipped yet. Does it really take a week to ship out items. I understand that it is getting closer to the holidays but seriously this is ridiculous. I told my mom do not buy me any Target gift cards for a while I am so disappointed in Target that I will not be buying from them in a long time. I was told that if I do not get my items that they will give me a full refund. I told them I will believe it when I see it. We are going on a long family trip the day after Thanksgiving and I was hoping to have these items for this trip and all they can tell me is “I am sorry mam.” So I will say it now. TARGET SUCKS!!!!!! I hope that people will not shop with them.