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  • December 16, 2011 - SinnIsADeadMan

    I just quit target

    Target is the worst place to work for because it is nothing but a lie right from the start.
    I just quit my flow/zone job at target after only 3 weeks because it was the worst job I have ever had. I HAVE NEVER QUIT A JOB BEFORE!!!!

    #1. It says its Fast, Fun, and Friendly… Bull shit They think because they have PB and J sandwitches thats suppost to be fun?
    You cant talk, have music, sing, or ask questions or get answers!

    #2. The so called team leaders are all yuppy controling boring assholes who act as thoe working at target is like saving the lives of millions. They are all snooty and ignore anything you ask of them. They never say hi to you only to the people they wanna say hi to.

    #3. They always have negitive feedback to the job you are doing such as
    (we didnt do so good today cause we took 23 seconds longer to finish then yesterday)

    I was finally sick of the hypocrisy and mombo jumbo of this bullshit place people take way too seriously. Its a shame cause it could be a great place to work but as quint said in Jaws (theres too many captins on this island

    Or on your second day of work hearing (you should know this by ow)
    #4. The day shift all fuck around and laugh yell in the mics. But once night shift starts its a concentration camp.