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  • June 16, 2013 - screwyou

    I hate Target

    I have been with my store for almost 3 years and get treated like shit every single day. I work in the cafe and get no respect even though I have been there longer than most the fucktards there. I ought to be manager but they keep hiring morons who are incapable of doing the most basic tasks (ordering, doing any work what so ever, ect).

    well tonight I had a group of guests straight from the pits of hell. Teens being rude, calling me names, cursing at me, just doing anything they could to make the last 5 minutes the worst they could. Well I was venting to my coworker behind the counter with no one in sight. not 5 minutes later the Lod comes up yelling that I was talking crap about a guest and they had called. ok I can admit that I was venting, hell she should have been happy I didnt yell at the guests themselves.

    This is where I get really pissed off, not 10 minutes after that do I hear my Lod bad talking another guest in the middle of the lobby. Hello – I just got yelled at by you for this and you’re doing it now? what the fuck ever. Target takes advantage of anyone they can. Half the people I know who work here have been had target steal from them when they leave. They withhold their last checks and shit.  They also refused to give me my paid maternity leave after approving it. but they lost both copys of it so I couldnt report it.  So glad I have an interview tomorrow and can hopefully leave this place forever. I wouldnt wish this place on satan let alone the fucks who were messing with me tonight