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  • June 17, 2015 - redsredsreds

    Target is Destroying My Mental Health

    I started working at Target as a seasonal hire in November of last year as a cashier. Every thing was fine for the first couple of months despite the crazy holiday crowds. I was able to convince a “guest” to sign up for a red card on my first shift on my own. I almost immediately was pulled aside by the STL and the front end supervisor, gstl, whatever the fuck she’s called. The STL asked me what I knew about all of the fast, fun, friendly, vibe bullshit and I went along with it and they expressed how pleased they were that I got a red card. He then proceeded to go on and on about the importance of getting red cards and how I need to ask every guest because more red cards means more money and more shifts. It didn’t help that our store is one of the top red card contributors in the area. It was fine though because I was even praised in front of all of the other cashier trainees for being the first to get a red card.